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4 entries found in trilema for 'crab bucket' :

BingoBoingo: Masonic oaths don't create hitlers. They do worse. They create oxford boys playing soggy biscuits while bucket crabbing.
trinque: the crabs-in-bucket mechanism that says "why do anything against the empire, satan will X anyway"
thestringpuller: indie developers are just in a crab bucket race for a 15 minute spotlight before going back into obscurity. so exaclty as you described. phil fish (maker of FEZ) is a primary example of what's wrong with game development
pete_dushenski: "Before releasing the lobsters, the monks held a 20-minute ceremony with a prayer and chant to the Buddha of compassion. Dan said you don't have to have a ceremony or be a Buddhist to practice compassion to be nicer to all the living beings around you and try to think from their point of view." << be nice to the other crabs in the bucket mkay

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