Young Hands
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BingoBoingo: Irish exit polls are showing a potentially very lulzy near three-way tie. billymg, dorion, lobbes, thimbronion, whaack: Any of you want to cut your teeth on this?
dorion: BingoBoingo thanks for the offer, but I reckon the work for me to get appropriate context to accurately boil down what's going on in Ireland is too much given the other pots I have on the stove.
BingoBoingo: dorion: That's understandable. You've got a rather full stove.
dorion: yeah, nevertheless, I'll attune myself for teeth cutting opportunities where I have better context.
BingoBoingo: dorion: As full as your stove is, I suspect you'll probably find more opportunities to link stories from the archives into your own blogging.
BingoBoingo: Writing's only but a part of what Qntra needs. Spreading is quite another, and assistance on that front when it pops up is appreciated as well.
dorion: BingoBoingo I can certainly link qntra... kind of surprised I don't recall if i have yet, which means I've not done it enough yet.
BingoBoingo: dorion: Every little bit helps.
billymg: BingoBoingo: i don't think i'll be able to this time, i'm currently bogged down with getting my (digital) house in order for the move. in march i should be much more available
billymg: i appreciate the opportunity though, just need a few more weeks before i'm out of the woods with this
BingoBoingo: billymg: Cool, ty. It does sound like you've got all of your hands full as well.
thimbronion: BingoBoingo: still recovering from flu. Seems like fever has finally broken.
whaack: BingoBoingo: I would love to start writing for qntra (again). What's holding me back is available time. I am currently doing a bidaily blogging exercise, perhaps producing a qntra article could substitute for the work for a day. I know nothing about the aforementioned topic, so i dunno if that'd be a good place to start.

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