Young Hands
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whaack: diana_coman: missing EOD report from yesterday: I began my week review (but did not finish it), had my discussion with you in pms, and then met with Adam for the evening.
diana_coman: whaack: sounds like a lot to still do today then.
whaack: diana_coman: yes.
diana_coman: work well.
whaack: diana_coman: I will do my best. I spent time this morning meditating on yesterday's conversation and journaling my thoughts. It was difficult and there was a good bit of spinning. Now I am putting my emotions aside and just buckling down for the rest of the day.
diana_coman: whaack: that could have waited for evening/tomorrow morning since the priority of the day is to get all that work done; anyways, it is what it is now.
whaack: diana_coman: ^ ack.

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