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diana_coman: as I finally realise that there are a few names I don't even know: lobbes, what's the J in ejb for? dorion_road, what's the M in rmd for?
dorion_road: diana_coman michael, robinson michael dorion.
lobbes: diana_coman: james
lobbes: diana_coman: btw speaking of names, how do I properly pronounce your last name? I've always assumed I knew but never confirmed it
diana_coman: dorion_road: thanks.
diana_coman: lobbes: thanks; and heh, you should prolly wonder how to properly pronounce even the first if you are after properly pronouncing, lol.
diana_coman: coman is quite easy/as it seems really - as long as you don't introduce in there any spurious l (colman) or the like (as English-speakers seem to be sorely tempted to do); hah, there's even a youtube on it, look at that, here:
diana_coman: lobbes: what languages do you speak ?
diana_coman: fwiw the switch to diana was mainly to spare the English going red in the face trying but failing to pronounce irina; at least for diana they have some reasonable idea that works.
diana_coman: hello DKordic
DKordic: Greetings, diana_coman and everyone else.
diana_coman: what brings you here, DKordic ?
DKordic: I enjoyed Your blog. It was inspiring.
diana_coman: oh hey, nice to hear that!
diana_coman: what did you read/like?
DKordic: Let say the most :) .
diana_coman: heh, that would be asciilifeform's blog!
diana_coman: DKordic: what are you interested in?
BingoBoingo: DKordic: I'll let asciilifeform know when I see him in a few minutes, we're about to head out for some tourism
jfw: sounds like quite some adventuring over there BingoBoingo, enjoy!
DKordic: Excellent. Enjoy.
DKordic: As we can see I am a bit slow :) .
diana_coman: take your time.
diana_coman: lobbes: did I answer more than you asked for? lolz.
DKordic: I still have to think about it. As some say ""it restored my faith in humanity!"" It can be contrasted with and even worse, but those should not even be mentioned, so I apologize ;) . ""The least we know about them the better. ""
diana_coman: DKordic: heh, I actually did a brief dive into at some point - it saved at least one person
ossabot: Logged on 2019-08-11 11:57:46 diana_coman: shrysr: eh, you realise that it's because I wasted some time in that shithole, precisely trying to see if there was anyone lost in there
diana_coman: DKordic: do you have a blog?
diana_coman: knowing stuff even about shit and shitholes can still have its uses even if it's indeed not a very pleasant way to spend one's time, sure.
DKordic: Not yet. I am strugling with a diary (ChangeLog if You like), a private blog.
diana_coman: DKordic: why private ?
DKordic: Yes, I saw Your thought about
DKordic: It has to start somewhere. I don't have much to say publicly (yet).
diana_coman: DKordic: eh, that's never true, you know? look here, you *are* saying something publicly, you know?
DKordic: :3
diana_coman: don't be shy, it's not to your advantage really; and there's nothing to lose for speaking publicly, quite the opposite.
DKordic: What are most straightforward ways to set up a blog?
diana_coman: hmmm, that straightforward part is not-all-that-well defined, as it depends on what you find straightforward
diana_coman: DKordic: how are you with computers, if you don't mind me asking?
DKordic: Yes, exactly. It was a sily question.
DKordic: Just an enthusiast.
diana_coman: DKordic: eh, don't beat your questions up right from the start, let them grow first :))
DKordic: Or more of a gambler ;) .
diana_coman: DKordic: an ethusiastic gambler?
DKordic: I wanted to say, successful as a gambler.
DKordic [ROFL]
diana_coman: DKordic: and what does that mean more precisely? lol
diana_coman: re blog, the way it goes whether you find it "straightforward" or not is to get yourself a server (even if it's a cheap virtual machine only, to start with), install mpwp above and then get going; there are a few guides around to help you along, you can ask and people will help, it should be doable.
diana_coman: iirc some providers even have profiles for VM ie you can get it directly with php and apache and mysql installed so you need only stand up mpwp
diana_coman: but then choose centos 6 so you have reasonable versions of everything or it'll be a huge pain.
diana_coman: DKordic: do you mind if I ask you how old you are?
DKordic: s/successful/as successful/
DKordic: Born: 1991
diana_coman: cool, thanks.
DKordic: I am currently studying and similar. What do You think about that website setup?
diana_coman: DKordic: it's not a good one for interacting with people and *most* of the benefit of having a blog/writing publicly is exactly the interaction with people
DKordic: I see.
diana_coman: I get it, it's very "cool" and hacky and good ole' green on black, sure.
diana_coman: DKordic: don't fall for the "recluse" and "working alone against the evil world" or something like that, it's not worth it.
DKordic: I will give my best.
diana_coman: DKordic: what do you want to do with Lambda Calculus that you are studying that and similar?
DKordic: Not to waste so much of my effort in daily use of computers.
diana_coman: DKordic: what's your daily use of computers about? (ie what do you do with them?)
DKordic: Only practice programming :3 . ""Art for the sake of art"", or more precisely ""LiSP"" :D .
diana_coman: DKordic: well, I enjoyed functional programming so I can see the appeal but seriously now, what's wrong with doing something ...useful too, hm?
diana_coman: I'll get to call that "art for the snake of art" - fixed it for you :D
DKordic: OK What would be something useful for a start? In other words what should I ame for?
DKordic: s/ame/aim/
diana_coman: DKordic: there's about a ton of work to be done around here, from tmsr-os to eulora game, computer graphics and anything under the sun; the question is more along the lines of ...who are you really ? :)
diana_coman: DKordic: you should register a key with deedbot too to ...start being someone around here anyway; see
diana_coman: DKordic: know also that you do not have to wait to "be ready" or "know X and Y" or something like that; the sooner you dive in, the faster you'll advance (provided you do make the right decisions and put in the required work, true).
diana_coman: lobbes: seriously, what happened to you?
lobbes: << not at all! I asked those q's right after I woke up and checked logs, then went about morning business. In retrospect, I oughta have said I was going afk
ericbot: Logged on 2019-12-15 16:06:12 diana_coman: lobbes: did I answer more than you asked for? lolz.
lobbes: (Then I saw you were engaged with DKordic; didn't want to interrupt the flow)
lobbes: << aha okay, it turns out I was pretty close in my head somehow! ty
ericbot: Logged on 2019-12-15 15:29:15 diana_coman: coman is quite easy/as it seems really - as long as you don't introduce in there any spurious l (colman) or the like (as English-speakers seem to be sorely tempted to do); hah, there's even a youtube on it, look at that, here:
lobbes ended up looking up both diana and irina via that same youtube source, and will admit to playing irina a few times before he could parse lol
lobbes: << I am still ESL sadly. I've haphazardly been practicing both German and Spanish for about 4 years, but no serious study. fwiw I took French in high school, but I retained pretty much none of it (though I find that I did retain some of the general pronunciation rules of French, if that makes sense)
ericbot: Logged on 2019-12-15 15:31:35 diana_coman: lobbes: what languages do you speak ?
diana_coman: lobbes: well, at least the French pronunciation rules should have helped really; anyways, yes, you should have said *something*; don't just vanish like that.
lobbes: diana_coman: roger that. In the future I'll let you know before I vanish lol
diana_coman: as the Ro saying goes, "nu disparea ca magaru-n ceata" (~don't vanish like an ass in the fog)
diana_coman: so you know now.
lobbes read that translation first as "ass in the frog"
diana_coman: why not :))
diana_coman: lobbes: but seriously, not only "before vanish"; it's the good old "acknowledge stuff", ok?
lobbes: diana_coman: this I do understand. I will make sure to acknowledge
diana_coman: good.
diana_coman: DKordic: take your time as needed but also *ask* questions - still as needed.
DKordic: OK Thank You.
diana_coman: no problem at all.
whaack: diana_coman: When I start parking bots in other channels on other networks per your instructions on my review, would you like me to (1) ask whether or not the chan admins mind if the bot takes a seat in the room (2) place the bot in the room unannounced, but use a nick with 'bot' as a suffix (3) place the bot in the room with a nick that makes it appear human ?
diana_coman: whaack: hmmm, for the lolz I'd do 2 and log who/where/if kicks you out and after how long but for the practical side, I'd just go with 3 for starters; just set a timer ie don't join at the same time all channels or something; there's a bit more to this in that you should adapt it to get the full list of channels for a network, set a timer and then join them gradually.
diana_coman: I'm even curious whether/how many/where would try to engage anyway
diana_coman: also, set it on some VM, hopefully that's obvious.
whaack: diana_coman: yes the VM is obvious
whaack: especially given my pura vida internet (although I would put it on a VM regardless)
diana_coman: given how many nicks are anyway ~bots ie just linger there, I can't possibly see what would be a reasonable objection to the bot logging but then again, I don't expect much reasonable.
whaack: diana_coman: Do you have an objection to me sticking with digitalocean for this?
diana_coman: whaack: no, no objection; do you understand the goal of this?
whaack: diana_coman: my understanding is it is to look for individuals doing anything productive.
whaack: or maybe it could be phrased 'to look for rooms containing individuals doing something productive'
diana_coman: whaack: eh, there's very little chance/expectation of that and moreover that makes for a rather poor goal in itself because it fails to ensure you get something out of the activity itself no matter what the outcome (which is not predictable/under your control);
diana_coman: whaack: listen, the effort will be spent anyway, regardless of whether there are productive individuals anywhere to be found; therefore it should be structured upfront as what it is namely a systematic exploration of what is there;
diana_coman: it's not the idiotic "let us prove this theory" but the sane "let us explore and find out the state of the practice"
diana_coman: as a result, the *systematic* part is quite important
diana_coman: ie you want to make sure you cover (gradually, sure) all networks and all chans in a network + for a reasonably long time, if at all possible
diana_coman: collect all data and store it properly (so you know what is from where and when) & then proceed to analyse it and see what's there.
diana_coman: open-ended question really.
diana_coman: whaack: does the above make full sense?
whaack: diana_coman: yes
whaack: I see how my stated goal was closer to ~ "let us prove this theory"
diana_coman: if you need to/think it's useful, you can even launch a fleet of bots so they join different channels with different names or whatever, that part is entirely up to you.
diana_coman: what I want out of this is a systematic exploration of the irc space; proper data and then we see from there.
diana_coman will bbl
whaack: diana_coman: Understood. Having bots with different names seems like a necessary step since the search will be exhaustive, and network admins may kick a nick they see in every channel. In the same vain it'd be better to have a collection of different ip addrs that the bots were connecting from. Having a list of ips seems more difficult/expensive.
diana_coman: whaack: hmmm, not sure why exactly would they be bothered by a nick that is in every channel really? ie it's not spamming or anything so..?
diana_coman: that being said, the trouble is more that if there is such nonsense, it will not be neatly defined like that "in every channel" but some inane "oh, I saw this too many times" or something; perhaps it helps to set it up on some znc so it doesn't flicker much but other than that I'm not sure there's a lot you can do against nonsense as such.
diana_coman: I'd say give it first a go without bothering much about this and we find out at least if it is a problem in the first place.
diana_coman: if it turns out that there IS this problem, we can *then* decide what to do about it (there are plenty of solutions really).
whaack: diana_coman: Okay, I won't try to preemptively address these types of problems. I am not sure what you mean about 'setting up on some znc so it doesn't flicker.' Since my logbot fleet will run on a VM (and with something somewhere else checking to make sure the process is running / restarting it if it goes dead), I wouldn't understand the point of having the logbot fleet also connected via a bouncer.
diana_coman: ah, the checker should be enough, yes.

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