Young Hands
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diana_coman: dorion: what happened to you?
dorion: diana_coman clawing my way back to normalcy, had still been paying off some sleep debt the past couple days. for the estimate on the catch up: I expect to be caught up on tmsr os threads by Sunday and I'm publishing my next weekly plan today.
dorion: << upon reflection, I went into the hawaii trip with pretty low expectations and not much of a plan, figured I'd spend a lot of time doing normal tasks. when I got there I started enjoying myself and then wanted to make the most of that and didn't properly adjust.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-01-08 15:52:56 diana_coman: dorion: sounds like some slide back to old habit perhaps.
dorion: whaack tuesday night at 6pm we have junto. our resident composer in training is presenting an intro to music theory. you're welcome to join. if interested, i'll pm you details.
diana_coman: dorion: I think by now it might be a good idea to prioritize some comments /talk to people who published their reports re tmsr-os; because from where they are, it's been a week+ and no response at all from you.
diana_coman: re work on the cruise, heh; you are so 200% good intentions, you know?
dorion: diana_coman ack on tmsr-os comments.
diana_coman: dorion: talking of music theory - while reviewing Minsky, I found out he actually wrote some articles on quite what I had in mind re writing/reading and music; e.g. Sonata as a Teaching Machine - worth a read.
ossabot: Logged on 2019-10-30 19:06:48 diana_coman: another way to look at it would be from music theory if that rocks your boat better but I didn't get the impression it would.
dorion: thanks for the link, I'll read and share.
diana_coman: well, *all* of Minsky is worth a few reads really but since you were interested in that specific topic.
dorion: on good intentions, yeah I see it. it occurs a good aim for the coming weeks/months is to keep as much good intentions, but balance it out with ~realistic~ outlook. "the road to hell is paved with good intentions."
diana_coman: quite.
dorion: working with you has started the process of bringing more realism, now the challenge is to make the process more endogenous.
whaack: dorion: yes I'd be more than happy to attend, please pm the details
dorion: whaack cool, done.

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