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whaack: jfw and dorion: i'm leaving my terminal, the best way to message me is here in #o but you can use try my digits as well if necessary. (Note - I will miss any pms you send me.)
jfw: safe travels whaack & we'll see you shortly!
jfw: spyked: feedbot's out
diana_coman: new_yh|6 better here than in #eulora for the time being; what's your name?
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feedbot: << Young Hands Club -- WH Plan For Week 14 (Jan 13th - Jan 19th)
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dorion: diana_coman this is my draft of the email reaching out to the rEFInd fellow. I'd appreciate a sanity check from you when you have a moment prior to firing it off to him.
diana_coman looks
diana_coman: dorion: why, fitful (and do use a spellchecker or something!); and give the guy first some time to react at all, first step is a more relaxed hi in and then depending on reaction, it moves forward one way or another; also, did you check with trinque as he was saying iirc he'll contact this guy, did he get around to contact him?
ossabot: (eulora) 2020-01-05 mircea_popescu: say hi ?
diana_coman: dorion: that convo linked from eulora might be of interest to you re MP's "say hi"
dorion: diana_coman I didn't use a spell checker.. do you have one to recommend ?
dorion: I'll read that #e thread.
diana_coman: dorion: sadly no, I actually don't use one really (I'm just detail-oriented whether I like it or not).
dorion: diana_coman I didn't check with trinque, as of 12/29 he said he might. In my comment friday evening I said I could today. I'll ask trinque explicitly though.
diana_coman: can't hurt and it's not like it can't wait (though I see why you'd rather have it done and not hanging like that, of course).
dorion: yeah, not a rush, but has been two weeks (tm) since it was suggested by both you and mp, so I thought why not ? trinque's churning out some really good stuff as it is. plus, if this guy actually does wanna step up to the plate, that could free spyked up for something else.
dorion: i'll see what trinque says and if he gives me the green light, dial it back.
diana_coman: dorion: sure; and I really meant just sync with trinque , nothing more.
dorion: cool, thanks.
diana_coman: anytime.
jfw: ahoy, I've again failed to get my article written; I did make good headway on organizing my loose pile of thoughts on the family, so I won't consider the time a waste.
jfw: I've noticed that one time-stretching self-delusion I'm prone to is "I haven't yet sat down and logged a start time on task X, thus I'm now 'preparing myself' or something and can drag feet and it totally doesn't count as time spent on X"
jfw: quite like the usg inflation measurement flexi-rulers huh
jfw: dorion: I also don't use spellcheckers except on occasion; my attitude is it's better to improve the brain-proofreading capacity first because spellchecker will never help with eg. "discuss with your further the cost". Perhaps they're most helpful if viewed like a teacher; they're not 'fixing for you' but pointing out mistakes so you can learn. For CLI environment I've used "aspell".
jfw: whaack: are you in yet? made contact with dorion?
jfw: hm, the above is why imho spellchecker is a permissible thing in human society but autocorrect is not (beyond the more basic problem of being a machine designed to disobey commands)
BingoBoingo: jfw: Just remember that time, like some other things doesn't inflate very well
dorion: jfw thanks for the aspell tip. there's other envs apart from cli ?
dorion: jfw whaack wasn't expecting to get settled in until 7:30ish
jfw: quite so BingoBoingo. dorion: was that a rhetorical question or what do you mean re other envs?
dorion: jfw was joak
jfw: gotcha.
dorion off to meet whaack
watchfuleye: jfw: thx for asking, yup i am at selinas meeting up w/ dorion in a couple of mins
whaack_temp_trav: ^ watchfuleye was my nick for fleetbot on alt comp
whaack_temp_trav: anyways, cya tomorrow jfw
jfw: and who doesn't love a watchful eye dropping in to say hi!

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