Young Hands
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diana_coman: bvt: oh, hey, glad to hear you liked the CG map article! I had no idea you were at all interested in rendering or even graphics, huh; looking forward to your comments/article(s) on it then!
diana_coman: lobbes: how's it going?
dorion: << your opining has been helpful and looking forward to reading more. I'm game for owning the relationships, wanted to make sure we're coordinated.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-01-14 21:56:41 trinque: dorion: as per previous comments, get at it. you're managing this project; I'm just opining loudly, hopefully to your benefit. leadership means you own the relationships.
dorion: << yeah, I was biting my tongue on that and am not holding my breath, but yeah, let's see.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-01-14 21:57:38 trinque: if he works at canonical, I'm somewhat skeptical he'll align himself with burning down the world, but who knows.
diana_coman: otoh wouldn't it be fun if he did turn around from canonical.
dorion: sure would be.
jfw: diana_coman: another day of failure to publish here. Seeing the spinning and wondering why I couldn't stop, I turned to writing whatever thoughts, which turned into a kind of internal dialogue. If I'm not willing to put forward my thoughts as truth, I can at least posit and consider them
jfw: as I wrote: "This writing resistance is a signal. What's it telling me? Perhaps: that I'm not yet ready to write this article. That I'm missing something. So can't I limit the scope to what I already know? Original idea was just what's on my mind after all. But then I had to add on some missing context, and got hung up again on interpreting it."
diana_coman: jfw: it is a signal, yes; but that "not ready" needs more qualifying really
diana_coman: jfw: what are you stuck on?
diana_coman: jfw: also, are you stuck on writing or on publishing?
jfw: diana_coman: on writing; specifically, on the background of how I approached my parental relationships in recent years
diana_coman: jfw: possibly you are asking a too-big question there, to start with.
jfw: quite possible
diana_coman: jfw: is it still keeping you from engaging with the code writings?
jfw: I don't think it would now; I've just focused on it since that's what I had thought I wanted last week
diana_coman: jfw: well, you *did* get something clarified, if not through that first bit you published, at least through the discussion that followed in here, right?
jfw: yes I think so, certainly made some points more concrete.
diana_coman: so possibly it did take a bit the pressure off there; that being said, it will come back again anyway if you just forget about it but by the sounds of it, you are possibly better off giving it some time too.
jfw: mm and getting your perspective was a novel addition.
diana_coman: so switch back to other writings for now; think of smaller /different questions whenever you give it some thought and see where it is maybe next week or so.
jfw: I'm happy to give it some time
jfw: ok
diana_coman: some time, not all the time in the world, heh
jfw: noted :) and thank you
diana_coman: you're welcome :)

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