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diana_coman: lobbes: did you finish it then?
diana_coman: whaack: heh, wb!
diana_coman: dorion: what/where/why are you stuck on silent with your blog now?
lobbes: diana_coman: Still working that article now, but it isn't quite done. I think I may have to pick it up when I wake up. I'm working from home tomorrow so I should be able to finish it in the morning
diana_coman: lobbes: you know, that ping was pretty much to get you starting before Friday on stuff, heh.
lobbes: diana_coman: yeahh I need to stop this wait-until-Friday jazz. I can see it is not working
diana_coman: aha; anyways, have some rest & work well after that.
diana_coman will bbl
lobbes: diana_coman, ty
lobbes will also bbl
whaack: diana_coman: ty. i made a terrible decision tonight. I went to the fiesta and went as part of the crowd inside the bull ring. I thought there was quite a bit of safety in numbers, but really the crowd makes it hard to see where the bull is + there are people in the way as you try to run away. The bull chased me and I had ample time to get out of the way but I lost my camera (it fell out of my pocket) as I scrambled under the fence
whaack: (i saved the panama pics)
whaack to sleep
diana_coman: whaack: ahahhaha; well, at least you got as a result quite the clear illustration of what "safety in numbers" ever means! And you still get to write it up, can't miss "Chased by the bull" article!
BingoBoingo: whaack: Yeah, when Latins start packing into a crowd, its time to start working your way out of there. They'll swear they just all wanted a good view, but it seems like some serious deeply wired "bees smothering invader to death" strategy. Here that happens with these little pop up fights from time to time.
BingoBoingo: Two folks already deep in a a crowd at the feria, Rambla, or any other dense gathering will start scrapping. The crowd will automatically pull tight around them. I have trouble interpreting these as anything other than "scam fight", their friends are probably getting ready to grab some bags off of members of the crowd and run during the distraction.
BingoBoingo: I suspect a lot of the historical motivations for "gather around some bulls and piss them off" is that the folks who ran things enjoyed seeing bulls fucking up crowds.
diana_coman: BingoBoingo: I class it much simpler than that really but possibly because I saw enough of actual sheep herds, hm.
diana_coman: jfw: fyi, I got around to build Gales and it seems to have built fine on a CentOS 6 with gcc 4.9.4; there was just a short wtf moment when the... tar cmd failed; it turns out that the --sort option is available only from tar V 1.28 while my local tar is ... 1.23; I didn't see any version spec in the prerequisites though probably my CentOS 6 is about as old everything as one gets nowadays
jfw: whaack: I lol'd; glad you're alright though and sorry about the camera, it looked like a nice one
jfw: diana_coman: hey glad to hear it! And good to know about the tar version; the sort & other determinism tricks also don't work on Busybox tar as found on Gales itself.
diana_coman: jfw: yeah, I got why there was the --sort
whaack: jfw: heh. yeah losing the camera was a night-ruiner...but at least i'll get a good (picture-less) article out of it
diana_coman: fwiw, after reading your very useful BUILD doc a couple of times, I still packed the whole thing into a script mainly for speed but on reflection I think you got the right balance there - easy for one to make own script but not pre-packaged.
jfw: I had considered implementing the tar format to surmount the limitations of the various implementations, but it's not pretty - historically fixed field widths with various extensions to surmount them. Ended up writing a shell archive tool instead, seen for example in the 'skeleton' script and gports. Should now be usable in place of tar actually.
diana_coman: whaack: lol, I'd have thought it was the idiotic-crowd-mingling that was the night-ruiner; the camera was just the price of the lesson there.
jfw: good to hear re balance of automation.
diana_coman: I haven't yet got around to try deploying it too but at least there's a lenovo x200 unearthed that awaits to play the guinea pig.
jfw: Looking forward to hearing how it goes.
diana_coman: it might still be a while really.
diana_coman: re tar, I don't really think it's worth /serious priority atm tbh
jfw: yeah, and there's worse non-determinisms upstream of it IIRC
whaack: diana_coman: well yeah, i was pissed because i lost the camera because of a stupid decision.
diana_coman: eh, you know, don't waste anger on the whole tree like that; just all to the root to make sure it sticks and that's it.
whaack: alright. the real root is being convinced by cab driver 'ah yeah stay in the ring for a few more bulls'
whaack: i should have quit while i was ahead after the 1st bull
diana_coman: whaack: ha! so stupid decision but not even *your* own stupid idea to start with.
diana_coman: lolz, always better to quit ahead of the bull I suppose, yes.
diana_coman: whaack: why so easily convinced anyway?
whaack: unrelatedly, two people i've shared my blog with in person have commented with a raised eyebrow about how my site is 'not secure' (cuz I don't have HTTPS)
diana_coman: you should have told them that it has it SO secure that they can't even notice it!!
whaack: ^ wut? lol
diana_coman: see, it helps to destabilise this sort of standard-comments
diana_coman: either something so out of the blue that it trips over the "expected flow" or ...escalating the stupidity, it does wonders.
whaack: aha yeah, that is how i should respond. trying to condense a long winded "well my site is read only, and should you want to ensure you are messaging me there's the gpg key listed. and btw you're being duped by your browser into thinking other sites are secure + who is the assigning authorithy you are trusting etc. etc." has not worked out
whaack: as to the easily convinced question, i think it in part comes from me liking people who have a 'yes, let's do it!' attitude and then wanting to be that person i like. or in other words: i don't want to let people down when they're excited to do something together
diana_coman: whaack: well, if it's something *stupid*, cheer them on ...from the sides, sure; and otherwise anyway, choose those who you don't want to let down, there's no possible good out of such blanket approach on this as on pretty much everything else.
diana_coman: basically: discriminate.
diana_coman will bbl
lobbes: diana_coman: okay, penance article published! Now to start planning mp-wp bot work this weekend
jfw: bvt: left a reply to your Gales report but it's not showing to me even as in moderation. Did it make it to your queue?

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