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diana_coman: whaack: congrats on car acquisition then.
diana_coman: lobbes: you around?
whaack: diana_coman: thank you
diana_coman: lmao
NOTd41r: hi guys, quick question
NOTd41r: is the real bitcoin client still compatible with btc chain?
diana_coman: does that question make sense to anyone?
diana_coman: NOTd41r: everyone around here runs trb.
whaack: NOTd41r: yes, bitcoin is compatible with bitcoin
NOTd41r: as far as i understand, segwit transactions are considered "all can spend" by older implementations
BingoBoingo: NOTd41r: They are indeed "anyone can spend" transactions.
NOTd41r: therefore... mmm... what happens if someone using trb tries to spend a segwit utxo?
NOTd41r: fork?
BingoBoingo: No, trb doesn't have the ability bolted on to spend to "Pay to script hash" addresses (the ones that start with 3).
BingoBoingo: But it will take incoming transactions from P2SH addresses fine since it's coming from "pay to anyone"
NOTd41r: no P2SH at all?
NOTd41r: how do you do atomic swaps then?
BingoBoingo: ... I don't understand the confusion of ideas
BingoBoingo: Around these parts... we deal with people dealing with people.
BingoBoingo: If folks want to swap things they can. No need to mechanize it.
NOTd41r: is there any other chain besides bitcoin, where trb implementation is being currently used?
whaack: I played a video game a while back called a Tale In The Desert. Instead of having a trade window like some MMORPGs the only way to 'trade' was to drop your item on the ground and have the other person drop their item on the ground, and then each would pick up the other's item. The person who dropped their item first could be robbed. I liked this feature, it's more interesting. There is no such thing as an 'atomic swap' confirmed tr
whaack: ade window irl.
diana_coman: NOTd41r: nobody really cares about who uses what on pump-and-dump stuff.
diana_coman admits the NOTd41r is at least entertaining.
NOTd41r: is that retro-maximalism?
diana_coman: NOTd41r: what does "retro-maximalism"?
diana_coman: NOTd41r: what does "retro-maximalism" mean?
NOTd41r: like "only btc, please, but not the current rules people are using"
diana_coman: NOTd41r: that doesn't make any sense to me.
diana_coman: and it's not a definition at all; see the definition of what a definition is
ossabot: Logged on 2020-02-08 16:38:21 diana_coman: so a definition is a declarative sentence that states the proximate genus and specific difference for a given concept.
NOTd41r: pretty good stuff going on alts right now, the non-p&d 1% is well worth it
diana_coman: NOTd41r: so go there then, good luck.
diana_coman: NOTd41r: note that you again just deflected and failed to learn anything and so you are going the very same way of d41r for all the pretense you are NOTd41r ; it won't be long before you arrive in the same place too.
NOTd41r: ehmm... I'm a minimalist, and I see trb like something minimalistic and therefore good, no matter what chain is put on to run
diana_coman: NOTd41r: seeing everything else as something like what you are is a common but rather debilitating condition really.
NOTd41r: since bch doesn't have full support for all the segwit bs, I suppose that some trb instances must be running
NOTd41r: on it
diana_coman: NOTd41r, kindly tell me something: are you under some impression that this chan here really can't be made off limits to someone?
dorion: NOTd41r altfever seems to be at odds with your claimed minimalism since, afaict, they pretty much all layer on complexity that trb isn't infected with.
NOTd41r: dorion: exactly, that's what I hate about them
NOTd41r: diana_coman: made off limits? could you be more clear, please?
diana_coman: NOTd41r: let me ask a simpler question then: do you imagine that people in here have some sort of obligation to listen to what you say just because you are polite?
NOTd41r: diana_coman: thanks for the compliment
NOTd41r: I don't believe in obligations, if that answers your question
diana_coman: NOTd41r: that avoids my question.
NOTd41r: I don't believe in anyone having obligations in this channel, if that answers your question
diana_coman: who knew it's so hard to even answer a question as stated, huh.
diana_coman: NOTd41r: why/what makes you think then that you can just walk in and keep talking about your suppositions and the like while ignoring/avoiding what doesn't fit with your expectations/requires some change from you?
NOTd41r: maybe you spend too much time with people that say what you wanna hear
diana_coman: lolz, no, quite on the contrary.
NOTd41r: then what's so bothering about a rando asking questions?
diana_coman: NOTd41r: it's a waste of time and space at best; and no, this space here and people's time (because the log is read by people) are not for free for you to come and "ask questions" autistically.
diana_coman: !o uptime
ossabot: diana_coman: time since my last reconnect : 0d 0h 1m
diana_coman: ugh
diana_coman: BingoBoingo: is that whole shinohai drama a secret or what?
whaack: diana_coman: my irc client got a message 'tomaw [Global Notice] We'll shortly be rerouting a number of servers that will result in most users seeing large numbers of people reconnecting.'
diana_coman: whaack: they can't be accused of not saying it, I see.
whaack: so that disconnect was likely a result above the above and did not have to do with anything on your end.
whaack: of the above*
diana_coman: well, in fairness, we are still on #freenode so I guess we deserve all the shit, clearly.
diana_coman: whaack: yeah, I know; I was just suddenly aware that I might need to resync the log and that's really not a pleasure.
whaack: diana_coman: ah alright. Let me know if you want me to add 'patch ossabot so it logs join/parts' to my TODO list. The logs don't provide the context for your 'lmao' from earlier when NOTd41r joined the channel.
diana_coman: whaack: neah, it's fine to have only the text in the log really.
whaack: k
NOTd41r: mmm, did i understand correctly? no p2sh support?
diana_coman: it boggles the mind how can one think he's fine to ignore others but they will not ignore him.
NOTd41r: diana_coman: I'm not ignoring anyone.
NOTd41r: also, I think it's ok to use the /ignore command, it's there for a reason, feel free to use it on me if you desire
diana_coman: NOTd41r: do you realise you are coming to my chan and then spew at me nonsense?
diana_coman: and you wonder why you get kicked and banned?
diana_coman: go and wonder.
diana_coman: stating "I'm not ignoring" is not the same as not ignoring; and you are ignoring, have been ignoring and continue to ignore; so get out.
NOTd41r: what am i ignoring?
diana_coman: everything that doesn't fit your expectation; you have plenty of questions you haven't answered - that means you ignored them
diana_coman: will you answer them? before you ask anything else.
NOTd41r: I don't feel like there are questions left behind.
diana_coman: your feelings are not facts.
NOTd41r: unanswered.
NOTd41r: would you mind asking directly first? what is so important that you need to know from me?
NOTd41r: s/first/please/
diana_coman: NOTd41r: for example:
ossabot: Logged on 2020-02-09 17:45:14 diana_coman: NOTd41r: why/what makes you think then that you can just walk in and keep talking about your suppositions and the like while ignoring/avoiding what doesn't fit with your expectations/requires some change from you?
NOTd41r: I told you: I don't think that's the case.
NOTd41r: I disagree with that view. Happy now?
NOTd41r: Can we just move on now?
diana_coman: NOTd41r: no; this is a learning place and you refuse to learn because you consider your feelings and views matter like that.
diana_coman: they don't .
NOTd41r: I don't consider my feelings and views matter.
NOTd41r: I confess: I know nothing.
diana_coman: this is a resource and you are wasting it; it is my resource too so I'll kick you out and make sure you stay out until you actually want to learn.
NOTd41r: And I'm happy that this is "a place to learn", that's awesome.
diana_coman: NOTd41r: then go back and do the homework you got.
diana_coman: go through the logs and pick all the questions and answer them; start a blog, it makes a great article.
diana_coman: - this is still true.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-02-09 17:28:26 diana_coman: NOTd41r: note that you again just deflected and failed to learn anything and so you are going the very same way of d41r for all the pretense you are NOTd41r ; it won't be long before you arrive in the same place too.
NOTd41r: that's your opinion.
NOTd41r: I do not "deflect", I only state what I think.
diana_coman: NOTd41r: unlike yours, mine has way more behind it and for that reason it matters.
diana_coman: NOTd41r: you have your homework; until and unless you do it, you don't have any right to ask questions and state nonsense in my chan; go and do it in your chan or someone else's, there's no problem (since you think it's just a space like that anyway)
NOTd41r: I tried to join trb channel, but somewhere i read that first i should go to #ossasepia
NOTd41r: is this correct?
NOTd41r: I'm asking questions about trb
diana_coman: NOTd41r: did you read and understood any of the links people offered you so far?
NOTd41r: yes
diana_coman: all of them?
NOTd41r: i guess so
diana_coman: uhm, so what sort of understood is that ...guess?
BingoBoingo: diana_coman: It isn't a secret. I've just not spent time on trying to debug his internal state.
diana_coman: BingoBoingo: for some reason I thought he actually said something explicitly; meanwhile I saw his comment so I guess that's his statement - he can't pass on such an opportunity to consider himself terribly important with no work at all.
diana_coman: NOTd41r: you are here without a key now so that shows ~0 understanding of at least the 2 links on what the wot is and how it works.
diana_coman: to just pick an example.
NOTd41r: diana_coman: i know what the wot is and how it works
diana_coman: you consider that simply coming here is what it means to "go to #ossasepia first" so that shows directly that you either haven't read at all or haven't understood anything.
diana_coman: NOTd41r: you don't; because you can't "be here" without being part of it.
NOTd41r: mmmmmkay, maybe I'm doing something wrong? How to join the trb club then?
diana_coman: lolz, are they a club now?
BingoBoingo: NOTd41r: You can't without an identity
diana_coman: NOTd41r: look here, I get it: you want to do only what you want, namely to use trb code as if it were in a vacuum.
diana_coman: it won't work and it doesn't wash and for a ton of reasons that I keep explicitly pointing to you but you still don't want to see because they are not what you want.
NOTd41r: BingoBoingo: you mean being on the wot? I'm in it already.
NOTd41r: diana_coman: you don't know where innovation might lead trb's code. supressing innovation doesn't always goes well
diana_coman: NOTd41r: do you see how you just deflected?
diana_coman: instead of addressing what I said, you jumped sideways on something else that is more convenient.
NOTd41r: diana_coman: maybe i'm just stupid but... no, i didn't see.
NOTd41r: that's like... your opinion, man, you know
BingoBoingo: NOTd41r: Registering a key alone isn't even the minimum. You've gotta establish an identity. Who is your daddy? What does he do? What do you DO?
NOTd41r: My daddy is Pimperoo Pinkolo
diana_coman: NOTd41r: nope, it's not just "an opinion" and "here, I have mine and is just as good as yours" because reasons etc.
NOTd41r: he's a carpenter
NOTd41r: does it matter? this is ridiculous
NOTd41r: "what your daddy does"
NOTd41r: that's silly
diana_coman: NOTd41r: note that as d41r you are in the wot indeed and you have negratings; since you know what the wot is and how those work, you surely know how and why and where that matters.
diana_coman: NOTd41r: as this nick you have no key registered that I can see, so no, you are not in the wot.
NOTd41r: oh, of course, I forgot to tell you, I registered with another nick the other day, but some furious cat lady throw me out of the channel.
diana_coman: NOTd41r: to address your latest nonsense - nobody is supressing innovation; you however are in no position to "innovate" anything and you clearly don't even understand why and how.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-02-09 19:28:24 NOTd41r: diana_coman: you don't know where innovation might lead trb's code. supressing innovation doesn't always goes well
diana_coman: NOTd41r: so you do not understand anything still.
NOTd41r: ad hominem much?
diana_coman: NOTd41r: nope.
diana_coman: but clearly wasting my time with you so I'll ban and ignore you, that's fine.
NOTd41r: yeah, you're invalidating my statement, because I stated it.
NOTd41r: ok, great stuff, that's how you treat people who collaborate with code
diana_coman: "collaborate with code" good god.
diana_coman: and he pretends in the same breath he understands what the wot is and how it works; how can people get this autistic, I don't get it.
diana_coman: for the logs: indeed, if you come bent on "collaborating with code", save your time and mine and go somewhere else.
diana_coman: trinque: any chance of having that voice model for #ossasepia any time soon?
deflect0r: set the example, so everybody learns, that the great dictator won't accept contributions from non-boot lickers
diana_coman: deflect0r: do you get out now or should I kick you again?
diana_coman: I will not accept contributions from randos who don't want to be people, no.
diana_coman: nothing to do with any boots.
deflect0r: now trying to dehumanize me?
deflect0r: why all this hate?
diana_coman: akick #ossasepia ADD *!*@2a03:1b20:9:f011::a02d
diana_coman: I wonder why all this love.
BingoBoingo: Seriously. Can't believe he hasn't read that dehumanizing is one of the more powerful tools in the chest.
diana_coman: I guess that voice model is just a must
i-will-answer-al: iron first lady
i-will-answer-al: fist
diana_coman: i-will-answer-al: so come when you have the link to that article where you indeed answer the questions.
i-will-answer-al: i don't even know what the hell are you talking about,
i-will-answer-al: at this point you're just bullying me
diana_coman: mk; until the voice model is in, ignore will have to do.
stop-bullying: 👏
diana_coman: we are back to manual voice until we have the civilised automated wot-based voice; if anyone finds themselves without voice in here, pm me please.
diana_coman: and for any newcomers and log readers: please register first a key with deedbot (see the guide: as otherwise it's unlikely you'll get voiced in here.
jfw: well that was fun!
BingoBoingo: jfw: These were a lot more common at one point
whaack: huh what problem does ChanServ have with ave1
lobbes: << oy, I was out today during that time and neglected to let you know ahead of time. I'ma slap a big ass sticky note on my wall so I don't do this in the future
ericbot: Logged on 2020-02-09 19:17:37 diana_coman: lobbes: you around?
lobbes: in any case, I'm gonna get my review done now
lobbes: (looks like I missed some drama in #o as well..)
lobbes: well, "drama". I guess IRC-rando rain shower is more apt
billymg: d41r walks onto someone else's private property and starts spewing nonsense under the guise of "asking questions" and "collaborating with code" to "innovate". is politely, and with great patience, told how to *actually* join and participate. continues to spew belligerent nonsense, is kickbanned... "stop bullying me!!11"
billymg: at first i thought extremely dense, now suspect bored troll. sad either way i suppose
BingoBoingo: billymg: Probably both
feedbot: << Young Hands Club -- ejb review: week 7 (Feb 3 - Feb 9)
feedbot: << Young Hands Club -- WH Review For Week 17 (Feb 3rd - Feb 9th)
whaack: diana_coman: EOD Report: Spent my day working on my review/plan. As described in my review I went through all my previous plans/reviews and took notes.
feedbot: << Young Hands Club -- WH Plan For Week 18 (Feb 10th - Feb 16th)

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