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dorion: lobbes congrats on getting the job done.
BingoBoingo: [] Apologies. I did an experiment and found connecting Putas and Punters they way I thought a newspaper could isn't going to work. I got a hotel room in the tourist part of town for two nights, loaded up what would have been the competition, and tried to hire one of the independent girls advertising themselves as available for hotels.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-03-16 16:16:39 diana_coman: - what is this exactly? you know, don't do "some X" - if you take the time to say it, then say something more concrete at least
BingoBoingo: Nothing weird, "I'm at X hotel". There were numerous insane transportation arrangements that didn't work, a few committments to meet followed by flaking, and the nail in the coffin was a girl that didn't believe there could be a foreigner in a hotel in Pocitos that would be interested in ordering her services the way someone orders food delivered. "Las chicas, nos cuida mucho"
BingoBoingo: On a platform where the girls pay to advertise, one almost made it before cancelling because her plans for travellin 5km fell apart as the one taxi or Uber but not through Uber she was determined to secure didn't work out. ~50 percent advertised their location as "Tres Cruces", which has the bus terminal and is the hub for travel inside Uruguay.
BingoBoingo: Sex may sell, but it won't do delivery.
BingoBoingo: The web thing actually, for it's part worked. Or appeared to work.
BingoBoingo: And so one point from the napkin sketching can be eliminated from cause.
jfw: missed my "I'll finish the review tomorrow" already; now thinking better to reschedule for Tuesday than to further mess up sleep trying to finish right now. and I could have decided that earlier too.
dorion: maybe you will get that saturday review afterall jfw, lol.
diana_coman: ahahah, dorion has a point!
dorion will take that high note to sleep and be back later today.
diana_coman: laters!
diana_coman: BingoBoingo: and that would have made - even as written in here, no need to fuss over it and polish it for hours - a great blog post too!
diana_coman: (not that it can't still make one)
BingoBoingo: diana_coman: Ty, It'll find its way into a blogging. Seeing how over-reliance on thinking to solve problems is a problem in itself, I locked myself into a "don't think do" chant until the answer came clear.
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dorion: diana_coman, jfw, here's what I have so far for the jwrd sales article :
jfw looks
dorion: there's still a lot to write, but that's where I'm at and the direction I plan to go.
diana_coman: dorion: meant to ask actually - are those high net worth smart etc individuals really in Panama?
diana_coman: and I admit I have quite the trouble imagining one of those reading you *before* he knows who you are, huh.
diana_coman: dorion, jfw would you class your clients so far in that category?
dorion: diana_coman there are those people here. it is a club I have some relationships. I'm not pretending it's not an uphill battle, but think it's wortht he try.
dorion: diana_coman clients so far are young investors that retired from trading smart and now know they need to protect what they have.
dorion: they came to panama for tax reasons.
diana_coman: dorion: mhm; "investors" as in they got to get some btc and so far keep it, isn't it?
dorion: diana_coman moreso, yeah.
jfw: I don't know the net worth really but they also invest in companies and have some people on payroll.
diana_coman: jfw: yeah, well, I'm sure they do.
dorion: jfw those investments haven't paid off so far and not clear at all atm that they will.
diana_coman: heh; what dorion says and at the root of that it's the fact that I can just about imagine the sort of investment and decision-making behind it.
diana_coman: nothing wrong with helping them or targeting them, of course
diana_coman: just hm, there are some choices you make and I'm not even sure you fully realise you are making them
diana_coman: re title, both versions sound a bit long to me, but I prefer the first (or maybe even directly from "protect what ..."); details though.
diana_coman: dorion: why not going directly for a clear, concise and with-examples/projections/all thing? ie why all the telling-of-the-things-you-say-you-know-they-know? in a nutshell, the trouble that I see with your approach there is that it's so standard & geared to exactly the "investors", that if ever an actual investor sees it, he brands you as "security"
jfw: yeah, but he generously permits you to say what you really think in a comment or email!
diana_coman: you *have done* things and you are doing things, so why not say what you did and talk of what you are doing ?
jfw: 'system' and 'environment' seem to be used in a technical sense that might not be clear in context
diana_coman: jfw: ahaha, you are clearly feeling better than yesterday :P
dorion: diana_coman the idea is to establish who I'm writing to and why they should care.
diana_coman: dorion: this being said, nothing stops you I suppose from printing that sort of material and giving it to specific-known-"investors" if you think it's what they need to read in order to move but mhm.
diana_coman: dorion: you establish who you are writing to for yourself; let the reader establish himself if what you say is of interest for him or not,
diana_coman: do realise that anyway, saying "I'm writing for those with 2 heads and 3 brains" does not *do* anything as such.
dorion: diana_coman ok. it is a projection, which will be clear to who I do want to reach anyway.
dorion: and perhaps a reason to close the tab.
diana_coman: I know it flies in the face of ~all "sales training and practice etc" and believe me that I recognize in there the usual pattern, not like I don't know it; but further ask yourself, even if you ignore everything above, just this simple thing - how exactly are you supposed to stand out while ...following the very pattern, you know?
dorion: diana_coman right. the pattern following tactic may work for people selling to established patterns. we have, in many ways, a pattern breaking service.
diana_coman: dorion: what you want is to talk the *language* of those you want to reach; that's way more fundamental than the usual approach of "and now I'll tell you who you are so you know and continue reading"
dorion: or pattern replacing at least.
diana_coman: dorion: and as a rule, if your business does not do anything *better* ie by necessity different in at least some way that matters, why are you doing it in the first place, it's more of a fashion then than a business.
diana_coman: this being said, again, if face to face you found out that for those "investors" you need to tell them what they supposedly know they know etc, do tell them, sure; face to face you can adjust precisely to who is in front of you, after all; (but hm, do think also if it's worth it anyway; still.)
dorion: diana_coman all very good points. adjustments to make :
diana_coman: anyway, getting back to the main point: if you aim to write for martians, you'll write *in martian*, not in usual English except with an intro paragraph "if you are a martian, then this is for you"
dorion: 1) cut out the assumptions at the beginning, 2) start with what we've done, 3) then the benefits of the service, i.e. what we do better, 4) then proceed from the testimonials down.
diana_coman: dorion: sounds like a plan
jfw: I'm recalling advice from the "investor" crowd of "start with Why". Which makes sense to me, as it's what motivates us; we didn't pick what to build at random
diana_coman: jfw: sure,that means start with the problem you are solving, yes; but the actual problem, not a reader's profile
jfw: ah, no I didn't mean the existing draft does that.
diana_coman: the problem statement IS part of the "what we've done", anyway.
dorion: diana_coman thanks. no more questions come to mind at present. I'll proceed with the plan unless you are jfw have any more points/questions atm. goal is to have the draft done tonight.
jfw: dorion: I had some smaller points but thinking best to see what comes out of the larger rework first.
diana_coman: dorion: I am certainly not jfw! lolz; but no, nothing further than I can see - I mean, I already tore apart your ~whole current draft, so I'm done.
diana_coman: that*
jfw: there is nothing further than diana_coman can see!
dorion: thanks for the tearing, back to sowing machine.
diana_coman: jfw: ahaha, might be the glasses!

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