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billymg: diana_coman (and others who were already using image upload scripts rather than wp's gui uploader): do you see any use for the "Media Library" at wp-admin/upload.php ?
billymg: because the way i understand it, if you're uploading your images via scp they won't show up in that list, unless you also have a script that generates the db entries for each image
diana_coman: billymg: I don't care about that media library, no
billymg: yeah, after seeing the light of bulk-processing images via scripts rather than using the gui i think even for those still using the gui it's a case of
ossabot: Logged on 2020-04-09 16:14:08 diana_coman: ie make the trunk of mpwp so that I'm 2x more productive using it than whatever entrenched habits I might have, and I'll change the darned habits already
billymg: at the moment i'm leaning towards just ripping the whole thing out and including a sample image processing script in a blog post
billymg doesn't see himself ever needing to navigate to "Media Library" tab again after adopting script-based image workflow
diana_coman: billymg: the way this went was that previous to making scripts, I'd ~avoid publishing images, pretty much; and tbh given how many images I had to publish with this graphics work, I think I would have made the scripts now if I didn't have them already
diana_coman: so yeah, it's really a huge improvement, quite of the usual sort obtained when ditching the gui and actually using command line properly.
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jfw: I'm not sure; if you remove the ability to do things except by local shell access to the server, does that mean sites like younghands where multiple authors can edit their own stuff with permissions managed by the php are out of spec?
diana_coman: jfw: there is that, basically risking a tree-branching on single vs multi-author support
jfw: although the part where 'media library' metadata has to be in database but media itself in filesystem, and scp uploading doesn't actually "add it to library", suggests the thing isn't done at all correctly, and cutting it would be strictly beneficial as losing something that never worked.
diana_coman: hence my above tree-branching - because it's more the sort of thing that needs not as much a not-cut but a re-work and that might be justified for the multi-author case but not that much for single author.
jfw: ah ok. At risk of re-treading old ground - I also wonder if the admin GUI as a whole is justified for the single-author case. I use it, but possibly as an entrenched habit where I'd be better off learning something else
diana_coman: that's pretty much where it goes, yes
diana_coman: jfw, billymg I guess the main part re gui that I can see needing some proper porting would be the preview
jfw: as in, a way to insert a row with draft flag set and derive a preview URL?
diana_coman: inserting it with draft flag is fine; the preview url creation is unclear to me currently - I never really looked into how that preview is done
jfw: hm, I also wonder if pingbacks work at all when manually inserting. though we know that whole mechanism needs a look
diana_coman: I suppose in a way the whole exercise actually turns around how much does one rely on php for admin basically.
diana_coman: jfw: heh, pingbacks work since basically this "manual inserting" is what sonofawitch does, after all.
diana_coman: and the log article does send pingbacks, I didn't specifically bother to do it or anything
diana_coman: though at the same time, the current pingback mechanism is "working" as in it sends about 1/4
diana_coman: so it actually needs a fix anyway
jfw: you're sure it wasn't just the once when you combined existing ones into May?
diana_coman: yeah, some of the others sent too
diana_coman: and moreover, added stuff to it also sent pingbacks
jfw: it's smarter than I thought apparently
diana_coman: logically speaking it should be a trigger simply, I did expect it to work; the trouble is that it doesn't seem to always trigger, even normally, lol.
jfw: I'd found that re-saving an existing article would send incrementally more pingbacks, lolz
diana_coman: you know, given the ~reliably 1 in 4, I do suspect it's a sort of rate-limited so each time it triggers, it may end up sending a few more, indeed
diana_coman: but I never sunk the time to look properly into it.
jfw: right
jfw: just grepped the code for sql-based triggers, found none; possibly it 'polls' driven by who knows what
jfw: though sql trigger wouldn't be able to do any external thing like parsing html and opening sockets anyway.
diana_coman: ah, no, I expect it's a php-trigger, whatever it's called ;
diana_coman: anyways, billymg will have fun with it, apparently
diana_coman: jfw: how's your plan for next week?
jfw: diana_coman: not sure. I liked the idea of taking proper break, but things are possibly warming up with JWRD next week so now might not be the time
jfw: I'm finally thawing out the blogging today.
diana_coman: if only everything was ready already from past week seeing how it supposedly was needed this week...then it would have been even the *perfect* moment to take a break, exactly to be refreshed for the new work
diana_coman: that's pretty much the issue with all the spinning and mucking about and failing to cut cleanly *one way or another*, forever on the fence - in the end instead of getting the best of both /multiple options, it's ~always the worst of them all
jfw: mhm. Come to think of it I could indeed wrap some things up and take a couple days
diana_coman: enjoy!
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