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davout: hanbot: she's fine! she says hi
whaack: hanbot: hola. vengo de nuevo para sus consejos
ossabot: (ossasepia) 2019-11-12 whaack: diana_coman: I am considering again buying . I am also looking at some other cars. I'd like a car because it would greatly increase my freedom here, and I want to gain some driving experience (I have ~0 having lived in NYC/Boston for most of my life). But I know nothing about buying cars, so I ask humbly for advice first.
hanbot: buenos dias whaack. cr is a rough place to learn how to drive, but depending on how you look at it, that could be a good thing.
hanbot: you should be aware that the majority of parts and mechanics are asian-maker specific; in particular hyundai and toyota are ubiquitous.
hanbot: you *can* find upmarket parts & labor a la bmw etc, but it's trickier, especially out of the valley. so if you don't buy asian, expect higher maintenance costs.
whaack: hanbot: i am aware of cr being a rough place to learn to drive, but that's a challenge i have accepted
hanbot: i'd definitely recommend something with high, and good, suspension. big trucks and such might be appealing for meeting that criteria, but i'd be wary of driving something too big on various trails and tight spaces
hanbot: a small and light truck/crossover or a solid sedan is prolly your best bet.
hanbot: diana_coman made a good point re used cars; if you don't know what to look for, how're you supposed to assess it? do you know any mechanics around town/can the couple downstairs recommend one?
hanbot: establishing a good relationship there and having them vet the vehicle with you is the best way to buy used.
whaack: hanbot: i can speak with the couple downstairs re mechanic
whaack: hanbot: do you have an opinion on the toyota pathfinder? I have one friend who has driven one to 250k miles, albeit with some maitenence. I am tempted to buy one at 135k miles, it is from someone i know and it just went through the shop
hanbot: well, i know it's popular over there, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. you'd have to base your decision on your friend's word that it's in good shape. see if he'll show you the RTV paperwork (that's the yearly mandatory car checkup, lists any problems that'd make the thing unfit for the road).
hanbot: anyway it prolly at the very least meets the basic size/clearance requirements around there.
whaack: hanbot: yes he already sent me that
hanbot: did it "go through the shop" before or after the RTV checkup?
whaack: before the RTV checkup
hanbot: aha, did he tell you what was done?
whaack: hanbot: I think it went under 'extreme makeover' According to ad he put out: The engine was treated and cleaned, we installed new rims, new wheels, recently replace front and back bumpers, new tail lights, new bushings, new suspension rotors, a new pulley, fresh oil change, and fresh tune up, brand new AC compressor, spark plugs, radiator, and water pump. --- The car has been completely painted with black anticorrosive paint a
whaack: ll through out the bottom of the car, front back and side bumpers, under the hood, and on the rims. RITEVE + Marchamo are brand new
hanbot: yeah, most of those are cosmetic. i'd ask him specifically about the transmission, brakes, the rest of the suspension assembly: when were these last worked on/replaced?
whaack: hanbot: Okay. Are there specific parts about of the suspension assembly I should ask about?
hanbot: nah, see what he has to say. roads there make it likely the thing's needed various replacements.
hanbot: hopefully they've been replaced in the last year or two --if the answer comes back that only the rotors've been changed, and he's the first owner, i'd be kinda suspicious.
whaack: hanbot: He's the second owner. He responded with "The front right suspension could be fixed up. It makes noises so it's prob a sign to change it. Just fixed the front left break caliper ... maybe the right one will needed to be fixed soon but no urgency on it now .. And bushings [the mechanic said] to change soon as well" (which contradicts the ad that says 'new bushings')
diana_coman: ahahaha; whaack seriously, wtf friend is this.
hanbot: whaack sounds like a risky purchase. if this wasn't stated upfront, who knows what other problems lurk in there, esp. given how unclear and apparently unfamiliar he is with maintenance.
hanbot: "could be fixed up" lol
diana_coman: at which point I learn that hanbot is kinder than me on this "friend".
hanbot: 'ey i'm just talking cars, used friends advice is down the hall :D
whaack: lmao
diana_coman: true, true; lolz!
whaack: sigh well there's nothing to say. my friendships in cr have been guided on 'feeling' and Qs of "how much fun do i have laughing and surfing together?" not so much of qualities: like loyalty, trustworthiness, etc.
diana_coman: whaack: so keep laughing & surfing for that and don't confuse it either with buying a car or with friend, what.
hanbot: in general ticos are some of the most loyal and genuine people i've met. you'll find 'em, just gotta talk to people a lot.
diana_coman: loyal & genuine does not unfortunately rule out cluelessness though.
diana_coman: I can't believe I'm the mean one here, lmao.
whaack: diana_coman: alright, i will not give them the honorary title of friend. I am in need of a different word for those type of acquaintances.
hanbot: diana_coman cluelessness is also quite rampant, meanie.
diana_coman: whaack: acquaintances works, what's wrong with it? at most surfing-pals or something if you need to be that specific.
hanbot: 'useless surfheads'?
diana_coman: hanbot: myeah and it can easily make for a painful combination, that genuine help of the clueless
diana_coman: hanbot: no, no, it's done on boards not on heads!
hanbot: lol
whaack: diana_coman: nothing wrong with acquaintance other than it doesn't give much information, surfing-pals works but i'm looking for a broader category that would accompany all types of pals. but i think i am stumbling upon a "why do my self perceived needs contradict my betters' design?" (i.e. I shouldn't have so many of those friends that I need a word for them)
diana_coman: makes some sense there.
diana_coman: also, can further offer: silly-billies.
hanbot: diana_coman that painful combination is what keeps costa rica from being a true paradise, yep.
hanbot: ahaha i think silly-billies requires a uk accent
whaack: that dun work for me, it hits too hard given billy is a common nickname for will
whaack: (and one i have never liked)
diana_coman: whaack: eh, hard hits are not to be discounted really; but in general, what's in a name now, just travel + do a lot and people will call you anything and everything under the sun; it still makes 0 difference.
diana_coman: anyways, thank you hanbot for the very good and detailed advice there to whaack ; and for the company :)
diana_coman will be back tomorrow.
hanbot: tada diana_coman
whaack: hanbot: yes thank you once again. I will heed the warnings from the red flags on the pathfinder. I have a taxi driver friend who has been working as a car broker for me and he has a few options all in the $4k-$5k range. I will use the advice you gave me to narrow them down and then msg you about any car i'm considering going through with.
whaack: hanbot: Should I consider diesel cars?
hanbot: i don't have any experience with dieselers, primarily 'cause i don't think there's any reason to have experience with them.
hanbot: good going on the cabbie connection. that kind of thing is invaluable for getting into the local WoT.
whaack: hanbot: mhm. my two cab connections here in Junqui have been very helpful and friendly

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