Young Hands
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diana_coman: - at times it's not even that really, just internalised meanness (in its older sense) I would say from rather sad experience.
ossabot: Logged on 2019-11-13 19:26:09 hanbot: it's all just-as-good, as long as your head's so preoccupied with what the neighbors think of you that irrelevant nuances like wealth and health and taste and beauty can't make it through.
hanbot: heya nicoleci. how goes bloglife these days, didja manage to get comfortable with ssh yet?
nicoleci: hanbot, hola :) yes! logged in a few times now. ty for your help. however, still have a lot of work to do on the aesthetics of
hanbot: aesthetics're good, do you know what you want to do with it? moreover, select doesn't work on your site yet (i.e. "" doesn't highlight correctly) --i think this is a straggling non-aesthetic fix that needs doin'. give the fix a try next you have time for it and lemme k
hanbot: now how it goes?
hanbot: and mind the latest comments on that article, there's a fix-for-the-fix
hanbot: lol i thought you ragequit for a second
nicoleci: hahaha.
nicoleci: not yet :) will do and will update accordingly. not sure yet what i want to do with the look of it. how long did it take you to design the look of thewhet btw? looks great.
hanbot: thanks. this is the third incarnation, thereabouts...something like 3-4 hrs, mostly dicking around with the header.
hanbot: best advice i can give there is to focus on making the text comfortable to read, and just add a few "designy" items --if you even want to-- in the header/footer or whatever, and via the color palette. it's really tempting, especially at first, to substantially change stuff and add frills everywhere, but it's rather anti-reading.
hanbot: kinda like the way the cut of the carrot for the soup matters for texture and doneness, but not so very much for prettiness. you don't have to make abomination-style cuts, but they don't have to be gorgeous either, and certainly not at the cost of edibility. ;)
BingoBoingo: nicoleci: Feel free to rip the style.css off of my blog and chop around on it
hanbot: (obviously if you end up using that nicoleci you have to name it "the bingoboingo bimbo remix", hahaha)
BingoBoingo: lol
BingoBoingo: Anyways, most of the presentation stuff to chop away at lives in style.css, chopping up the rest of the theme files is usually a lower return activity.
diana_coman: now I want to see abomination-style carrot-cuts; are they done with acid-laden knives too to lower edibility?
nicoleci: excellent point. thanks, BingoBoingo. its kind of a seemingly daunting task that i can't wait to try. will return with more detailed questions.
hanbot: diana_coman axe-hewn!!1 chuchka not chef, chuchka eater!
diana_coman: ah, you meant carrots as in fingers, gotcha.
hanbot: lol
diana_coman never ever cared about the shape of carrots in the soup, lolz.
BingoBoingo: nicoleci: Sadly I don't have detailed answers. When I css chop usually I make a change on the live site, and reload the page in the browser before deciding to keep it or not. You may want to set up a test installation of mp-wp on your own machine first instead of chopping on the live site.
BingoBoingo doesn't recommend lifting the Qntra style.css because Qntra runs on a not-quite mp-wp born before mp-wp was released to the public.
hanbot: BingoBoingo the local testing isn't a bad idea; in any case nicoleci make sure you have a backup of whatever files you're messing with (like the aforementioned style.css) before you start, so you can revert if you end up accidentallying something.
hanbot: same goes for functions.php etc in the html linking project afore this.
nicoleci: BingoBoingo, ah okay - never set up a test installation of mp-wp before. hanbot okay thanks! glad we talked about this prior to me destroying anything.
nicoleci: am really trying to avoid breaking anything
diana_coman: fwiw I'd rather recommend breaking stuff - just make sure you 1. backup before breaking 2. document each step so you know *how* and *what* broke it.
diana_coman: there's a lot to learn from breaking stuff, lol.
hanbot: very true. nicoleci has some breaking baggage, i suspect, re a wine glass or two...but those, you can't restore from backups.
nicoleci: lol so many wine glasses. thanks, diana_coman sensible advice.
diana_coman: heh @ wine glasses; and np, you're welcome.

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