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diana_coman: hanbot_abroad: as I understand you've spent some time trying to filter some online swamps for people who might be lost in there - mind giving some idea as to what parts you're covering?
diana_coman: atm I've put the active search on hold for lack of time really but I'm still pondering also the "where" to go otherwise, since I really can't believe there's anyone on the whole webstack fluff "forums"
hanbot_abroad: diana_coman i've mainly been talking to artsy types both for the sake of maybe finally getting a comic artist and for eulora artworks, to which end i've been looking through deviantart and "comicartcommunity" so far. exceptionally lackluster results, though what i've attempted is more picking and choosing than flooding, which tbh i think is the main problem with the online space.
hanbot_abroad: otherwise i've been looking at "dzone" and "hashnode". frankly i've been unable to convince myself of why these are any better than the horror of the bitcointalk forum itself...the only real difference i perceive is the possibility of novelty in and from the former two.
hanbot_abroad: now that i'm on the road a while i'll be pushing mostly in meatspace. lots of derpy high-ambition bs-skillset "meetups" in most major cities.
diana_coman: hanbot_abroad: I don't think it's a matter of "any better", not at all; the whole thing is "there might be in there an actual person drowning"
hanbot_abroad: yeah. the tricky part always seems to be whether they qualify for actual personhood if they're unaware they're drowing/do not wish to take a helping hand.
diana_coman: well, to my eyes, they don't; but there is the tricky part that "a helping hand" might look different for various cases, there is that.
diana_coman: I never looked at deviantart and the rest re under the hood - are they also on some horror platform wtf were the latest even called
hanbot_abroad: anyway deviantart (which i've by no means exhausted ftr) is a reasonable target imo as its structure allows a decent view into the potential of the person and plenty of folks list their email address --in that, it's a lot less "contort yourself to our platform's requirements" than other places.
hanbot_abroad: i don't recognize deviantart's thingie as a franchise a la phpbb or whatnot, no
diana_coman: hm, with the pick and choose in my experience it kind of works just on direct interaction with a person (be it chat only but direct) rather than just based on what outputs they publish; though I admit I didn't specifically think of this a lot as such.
diana_coman: newer ones are something worse than phpbb, iirc one of the more popular currently is discourse shit
hanbot_abroad: i'm pretty sure flooding is just about the only way to reasonably expect results within one's lifetime. the potential upside of the pick and choose is great, but the downside (lose significant amounts of your time for no return) is *awful*.
diana_coman: I know; onth I admit I have trouble justifying the time in fucking around with discourse to flood what doesn't even seem to me likely to hold much; then again, how to evaluate that if not flooding, ugh.
hanbot_abroad: exactly.
diana_coman: tbh I'm rather looking for misfits basically, as simple as that; and as such, I have a lot of trouble imagining them on hashnode or theodinproject and whatever-else-the-fuck-webstack.
hanbot_abroad: there's always the notion that inasmuch as you might be looking for something there, they might be, also, haha. admittedly it's somehow a lot harder to imagine where misfits'd naturally go online than off.
diana_coman: deviantart used to be "misfit" perhaps but by now I'd rather class it as mainstream really.
hanbot_abroad: quite possibly, yeah.
diana_coman: hmm; tbh with I ended up going on it mainly because it popped up as reference from several almost-human posts in other places; fwiw, it was none of those "almost-human" (hence also my observation re outputs are no good to pick and choose, no) but it was lively enough to actually send a few people over and that did not happen anywhere else.
diana_coman: ie "almost-human" to my eyes is not going to make the cut.
diana_coman: hanbot_abroad: do you have experience with figuring a way around the sort of insane platforms they use?
diana_coman: judging by #o for that matter maybe I should look for molyneux/la-rouche/schiff followers or whatevers, hm.
diana_coman: or make a list of USA-nuts and go for that, huh.
hanbot_abroad: hm. i had a brief look there after seeing it mentioned in #ossasepia and couldn't really distinguish it from other mentioned platforms...mebbe there's something here though, a saner echelon of crap, capable of delivering epsilon rather'n zero.
hanbot_abroad: hahaha actually the psuedoculty crowd might be prime hunting grounds.
diana_coman: I don't expect it's distinguishable just by looking, no; the same as for "pick and choose by outputs", I don't think it can work, no.
diana_coman: and yes, pseudoculty crowd sounds way more likely to hold something useful.
diana_coman: I admit I'm awfully puzzled otherwise by this american concept anyway.
hanbot_abroad: diana_coman i haven't done much of any platform doodling for nearly a decade now, but i did then, and there's almost always some mass-push hole where you can make 'em enumerate their userlist and then send by chunks 'til everyone's seen you.
hanbot_abroad: i think MP published his fetlife noodler a ways back, the pizarro folks were hmming on it irrc
diana_coman: they did add a whole set of layers of shit in the passing decade and myeah, fetlife noodler did not deal/have to deal with the whole "discourse" shit ie it looked to me as a much more straightforward thing; then again, I never really found the patience for this sort of "puzzle", ugh.
diana_coman: tbh I would much rather deal with pseudocults, lolz.
diana_coman: at least there's some entertainment.
hanbot_abroad: lol that might be the first time that sentence was uttered ;D
diana_coman: might be that it's just... new to me!
hanbot_abroad: imo it's indeed a way better idea than focusing on whatever, docker fanbois.
diana_coman: I'm still puzzling also re this why-so-many-americans! for further lolz.
diana_coman: dunno, maybe I should trawl the russian internetz (and yes, I'd much rather do THAT also, then fucking with discourse)
diana_coman: than*
hanbot_abroad: i was mulling, before packing up for this trip, too, the various freelancing venues...possibly the presence of initiative there is something that could be developed. but i'm not sure how to go about that one, do you put out an ad for work per se? cause it's kinda annoying as a freelancer looking for work to see something that isn't paid. do you take out an actual, classic advertisement on the site? how far wouldja go, if you start do
hanbot_abroad: ing that? etc.
hanbot_abroad: and i dunno, americans are in that odd niche of disillusionment and cheap calories, yielding lots of expendable time?
diana_coman: maybe; I guess I need to further increase my understanding of the USA there because uhm, I never expected I needed such thing, lolz.
diana_coman: re freelancing, hm, tbh I don't see much difference between fiverr and or whatevers. I can see what you are saying re initiative but uhm, do you consider in the same vein the uber drivers/ whatever-the-fuck-is-called-deliveries-thingie as more likely to have some real people lost in there?
diana_coman: because to my mind they are the new mainstream really, if of the poor-is-fine persuasion rather than shit-is-yummy flavour.
hanbot_abroad: well, inasmuch as they're possibly doing some work rather than merely talking about how great it would be if they did, yeah. i seem to perceive, mebbe falsely, some difference though between venues like fiverr and freelancer itself --not all are pure lowest-bidder busywork cesspools. i think possibly there are actual people trying to dig themselves out with honest, if unalligned, work.
diana_coman: trouble is - unless they are *miserable* doing that, they'll keep at it rather than follow you, as far as I can tell.
hanbot_abroad: yeah. that's a major objection.
diana_coman: so, looking for les miserables!
hanbot_abroad: hahaha

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