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hanbot: heya nicoleci schedule yersself a good half hour or so at some point today to review your latest article in here, and lemme know when.
nicoleci: hanbot, does 630 work?
hanbot: give an UTC time eh
hanbot: nicoleci ^
nicoleci: hanbot, how about 430PM UTC then?
hanbot: kay
nicoleci: kk
hanbot: anyway nicoleci the medium of IRC makes the whole meeting time paradigm a little silly, but things being hectic in meatspace around here i wanted to err on the formal side. ;)
hanbot: so in reference to ;
hanbot: when reading this morning it occurred to me this is the largest step away from your -usual- mode of writing that i've seen you make thus far, and in that, there's some marked improvement i'd like to encourage. there's also some writing calluses, if we can call 'em that, which i think should starte getting sloughed off.
hanbot: to be fairly gross about it.
nicoleci: hanbot, ah okay
nicoleci: gross is welcome :)
nicoleci: im glad the form change was noticeable as i had to fight with myself to not return to usual form
hanbot: there's various issues here, most of which stem from your good old friend mr. structural thinking.
hanbot: the first hit is right at the beginning: rather than giving us a thorough exposition, you drop right into the story. this "hit the ground running" thing is fine and good and an example of what i mean by departure from your usual form
hanbot: but!
hanbot: look more closely, and it's kinda like..."hit the ground crawling".
hanbot: the action is very slow. you're standing, waiting, a woman next to you is walking back and forth to either side of you.
hanbot: if you're going to use this device, you want the impact to count. if it's important that the action is slow, then it needs to be rather evocative somehow in order to be compelling. it can't be both slow and mundane, do you understand what i mean?
nicoleci: yeah i do. i didnt at the time of course but reading it with that perspective its rather boring
nicoleci: can't set the stage over and over again
hanbot: it's not a matter of setting the stage multiple times.
hanbot: actually, let's back up. what's an exposition?
nicoleci: an exposition is an explanation or showing of something
hanbot: you remember how a definition is supposed to go?
nicoleci: no, i dont think i do
hanbot: ah, that's a pity. alright, so find the proper form of a definition from a republican blog (your choice, so long as you find it) and report bax.
nicoleci: ok
hanbot: well the goal here is to have you rewrite the thing with some new tools, but first we have to build the tools, and to do that we at least have to know we understand each other. listen here: you cannot continue to do this thing whereby you don't know a word, but don't say anything about it, and when asked if you understand you say yes, and then on review i discover you don't know what it means, so we can't proceed. this is how people stay i
hanbot: gnorant.
hanbot: people pretend they know things that they don't in order to shield themselves from unpleasant feelings. this isn't really what we're here for. if someone introduces a foreign concept, you investigate. ask questions. in no case do you "yeah okay sure" and let us waste time proceeding on ghosts of structure.
hanbot: this'll take longer than anticipated, but that's okay; focus on finding the form of a definition tonight. this is a major part of thinking correctly, and thus, of writing --nothing's being lost in the effort to rediscover, here. then we'll continue with the rest of the article. i wonder if the irony of the word in question will occur to you!
nicoleci: i understand what you are saying and would like to weed out this behavior. i have this tendency to think i understand a word without reviewing the definition until the definition is questioned. ill be more thorough about checking my understanding before its brought to me.
nicoleci: alright, will do.
hanbot: and take heart, this is part an' parcel of the improvement-->challenge-->failure-->improvement cycle we go over so very often.
nicoleci: true. he and i are starting to become great friends :)
nicoleci: i found your article most helpful for the definition of a definition and the also the very definition in question >>
nicoleci: kind of amusing to read this now after experiencing the supermarkets after the holidays
nicoleci: the important sentence for this exercise being: A definition consists of the proximate genus and its specific difference within the same. Which is also mentioned in the trilema piece >>
nicoleci: itll take me some additional time to read and properly digest
hanbot: nicoleci yes, exactly! well done finding these. now, working with these, let's hear a sane definition of exposition. and take your time, read, digest.
hanbot: and yeah, isn't it funny how much of the seemingly obscure insanities of your emerging life are in fact thoroughly discussed in bloggery?
nicoleci: yes, indeed! i cant remember the last time i was in need of something to read.
nicoleci: im struggling a little bit but what i have for exposition is - the purpose of the writing that may not be easily inferred by the reader

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