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hanbot: gmornin'
hanbot: nicoleci the purpose of the writing? like what, to entertain, to sell, etc?
hanbot: two interesting things here: why did you depart so substantially from your original attempt? and secondly, is this latest based on thinking about it, or looking it up somewhere and trying to fit it into the right form?
nicoleci: hanbot, honestly, my original attempt was lazy and i didnt think about it much before i spewed a definition. i just relied on some vague idea of how ive seen the word used and what i thought that meant
nicoleci: the latest definition is based on thinking about it and re reading our conversation for context
nicoleci: also yes! re to entertain, sell,...etc.
nicoleci: actually, do you think using context clues is helpful for defining words?
hanbot: not really, which is why i asked: find plenty of examples of the problems of attempting to "guess the meaning of words from their context" in the logs, and i have a particular article about it, too, to go even further with
ossabot: Logged on 2020-01-10 17:16:25 hanbot: and yeah, isn't it funny how much of the seemingly obscure insanities of your emerging life are in fact thoroughly discussed in bloggery?
hanbot: you can't learn in a vaccuum, essentially. if you attempt to construct your understanding of the world by yourself, inferring meaning through context, and so forth, you'll end up this paragon of a certain sort of stupidity, "manalone" in republican parlance.
hanbot: if you think about it, there's not much meaningful difference between ignoring your lack of knowledge as to what a word means and "inferring its meaning from context"; you're still by yourself.
hanbot: given the sheer volume of idiotic non-dictionaries out there, i grant you, it can be VERY tempting to retreat into your own mind and try to just figure it out by yourself. there's no way out, though: you're stuck learning from others, and there's going to be work, occasionally unpleasant, in finding which others you can learn from.
hanbot: so then: one sound approach to constructing a correct definition for a word, when self-professed dictionaries do the "definition by synonym" thing, is looking at the etymology, like what we did with "convalescence" at breakfast today.
hanbot: with this in mind, i think there's a gem of an article opportunity for you here: spend some time with "exposition", both in researching its etymology and whatever definitions you find, and thinking about how it worked into our conversation yesterday. you don't necessarily have to conclude anything, but do explore these points in your writing, and as a bonus see if you can discover why [
hanbot: 0#1000435][i asked you to define exposition] at the point that i did.
hanbot: hah, check out the munged link. there.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-01-10 12:51:26 hanbot: actually, let's back up. what's an exposition?
hanbot: nicoleci see if you can get it done this weekend, eh? and bark loudly if something doesn't make sense.
nicoleci: alright, i will! and would this be the article you referenced -
hanbot: yes
hanbot: and you're in a great position to understand exactly how much that error sucked, hahaha
nicoleci: lol yas & your blog is definitely becoming somewhat of a manual for me.
BingoBoingo is rather suspicious about the event/writing cleft present in common dictionary definitions of exposition.
hanbot: BingoBoingo do you suspect something in particular beyond incorrectness?
BingoBoingo: hanbot: My suspicion undertaking one of the two activities cleaved, hosting an exposition or writing an expository piece, arise from the same cause
BingoBoingo: Much as a book is a sort of primitive blog and cinematography is a frontier in storytelling... rounding up the country's best cattle for display at an annual event called an exposition is at the cause much the same exercise as writing an expository piece.
hanbot: oh. yeah, i'd say exposition, the event, is well bastardized in practice. good point --certainly throws moar meat in nicoleci's thought-stew!
hanbot: there's a bridal expo coming up at the entrance to our gym (otherwise known as a mall) soon, which we'll have to push through. i mean, in addition to the wall-to-wall lines of KFC customers already attempting to block off access from the outside. i betcha the expo will be 100% cheapo craftgoods vendors.
BingoBoingo: There's been a burst of expos here targeted towards Argentines too slow to consider leaving until after their recent election. "What do the very different Rioplatense election results mean for RealEstateEleventy!!" and the sort. There's also been "Blockchain" and "Bitcoin" expositions which uniformly ask three figure USD ticket prices, etc.
hanbot: ahahaha
BingoBoingo: That is of course a stark contrast to the three figure peso admission prices the ExpoPrado, ExpoCannabis, and other ExpoLatinos ask.
hanbot: it's the self-crit show!
BingoBoingo: Well, the reason there haven't been any "Here's the Montevideo Bitcoin Expo" articles on the blog desite my seeing the announcements of such is... the pitch has never impressed. The never have any nameworthy lolcows on the agenda, and 200USD a head is a lot for them to be asking with an agenda full of nobodies.
hanbot: do they offer free press passes, btw? i know, gas mask-ville, but might be worth it for the sheer "why's the ticket denominated in dollars?" "we have to drive adoption!!1" "so why's the ticket denominated in dollars?" "...we're the premiere buttchain exposition in the world!" lulz
hanbot: and if they reject qntra for press pass you've at the very least got a shitlist qualified beyond (the, granted, non-negligible) "no signs of intelligent life" criteria.
BingoBoingo: hanbot: None of the expos here ever offer a contact for press passes. The number of law school graduates with "instagram blogs" is rather high here". The expo folk instead deal strictly with the ad placement departments of the local news outlets.
BingoBoingo: I'll make sure to hit the next few such Bitcoin/Blockchain conferences I see up with a hard pitch. If I don't get a press pass, I'm tempted to get a ticket anyways and bring a GoPro.
BingoBoingo: Aite, there was one in December with quite of few lolcows on the list of speakers they still have up.
hanbot: mas prestigiosa! oic, derpopoulos, boorheehees, & co.
hanbot: totally non-commercial sir. phew.
BingoBoingo: And the cost structure on tickets, pay substantially more for no added value other than proximity to folks know for making money disappear. And that last 1,000 USD tier... Three hours round trip on a bus!
hanbot: starts to sound like kramer's reality bus tour dunnit.
hanbot: prestigious pizza bagels & all
BingoBoingo: Well, once any event in Uruguay crosses a certain price threshold Punta Del Este has to become involved as an alt-Montevideo: a smaller, tigher city allegedly without pichis and certainly without any appreciable population 9 months out of the year.
hanbot: why the people who professedly think btc is for the poor wanna avoid pichis to hang out in sterilized alt-malls is beyond me (not really, but y'know...)
hanbot: i guess i should just stop at "professedly think"
BingoBoingo: Hard to say. The choice of their Montevideo venue at te Radisson is also telling. "Pass by the Art Deco of the City center before camping out in the hotel where you can avoid interacting with the folks populating the streets."
hanbot: right, 'cause avoiding interaction on the streets is what "revolution" is all about. #fakeittillyoumakeit
BingoBoingo: Couldn't even do the Hotel at Montevideo Shopping like the North Korean girls soccer team did where the girls at least got to roam the mall with a single flamboyantly dressed in the K-pop style bodyguard/escort/handler
hanbot: lol choripan style
BingoBoingo: Despite wandering as a single mass, the North Koreans were far less obstructive of the walkways than any given member of the local elderly population.
hanbot: they're prolly a lot more familiar with the notion of getting truncheoned upside the head for blocking the progress of very important pedestrians than the local nags.
hanbot: latam remains the nexus of unaware perambulators after several years of world travel. i dunno dood, the spaniards had hovershoes or something, never taught 'em how to go.

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