Young Hands
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nicoleci: hanbot_abroad, ok so far, just slow
hanbot_abroad: nicoleci speaking of which, have you ever timed yourself writing, i wonder?
hanbot_abroad: not as in "beat the clock", but didja ever take note of the amount of time invested into a given article/school paper/work assignment/etc?
nicoleci: hanbot_abroad, no i haven't and honestly it never occurred to me (not sure why as it seems logical)
hanbot_abroad: it'd likely be helpful for you to stay conscious of how much time it takes up, differences in time investment between different types of writing, and as a measure of improvement over time.
hanbot_abroad: obviously it'll also make scheduling a lot easier.
nicoleci: ah thats such a good idea and will take a lot of stress out of scheduling. would timing it based off of word count be of any use?
hanbot_abroad: nicoleci by "based off" i imagine you mean corresponding with. in which case yeah, time/word count/type of project. this last is important as you'll find different types of writing require very different time commitments. for some things you'll have to put in a fair amount of research; for others not so much, or maybe even not at all. what's the time requirement like if you want pictures? whats the average time for a
hanbot_abroad: revision? a transcription?
hanbot_abroad: which list might make all this sound kinda complicated, but it's really not. just make a note of when you start/stop, add 'em together, keep 'em with minimal notes in a plaintext file somewhere that you'll load when you start writing, and you're done.
hanbot_abroad: with sufficient practice you'll pretty much know and can just verify once in a while.

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