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hanbot_abroad: nicoleci i'ma read & comment this evening
hanbot_abroad: okay nicoleci let's see this thing! you know, i'm not sure many folks have three distinct versions of the same piece published. it's kinda cool, really. consider adding a "revisions" category, mebbe? if you keep at this you'll have a serious trove of self-reflection/writing craft materials.
nicoleci: hanbot_abroad, haha, you solved my problem of how to categorize this quickly.
hanbot_abroad: nicoleci turns out i've been writing to you in #trilema for a good twenty minutes lol
hanbot_abroad: ima repaste here, just a sec.
nicoleci: yeah i agree. its somewhat daunting at first to confront failure so publicly but i cant see a better way towards improvement.
nicoleci: kk
hanbot_abroad: " In the end, most of the changes I brainstormed regarding structure did not seem to benefit the content. " << inasmuch as you didn't decide to use those structural changes you contemplated, they did in fact benefit the content --you judged they weren't right, for whatever reason. they're negative space, but just as in a piece of art they're still *there*.
hanbot_abroad: minor nitpick: "and as well" is redundant
hanbot_abroad: the 'old' French word << the word isn't 'old' as in part of modern french, but just old. Old French is a language, like Old English; they're sufficiently different (in various aspects, from phonology to spelling to actual vocabulary) from their modern inheritors to warrant different classification. did they give you chaucer to read in school?
hanbot_abroad: Wiktionary provides us that the etymology of the word comes from << "provides that" is a strange construction; generally a provision is a thing (hence provides us with) rather than a fact (provides us that). an obvious exception would be "provides us that thing which is xyz". also a minor point, just, you know...making a point of pointing them out lol.
nicoleci: ah, no chaucer in school
hanbot_abroad: nicoleci yeah it's confronting failure in public, but also within the arms of the republic. i'd like to see the dreamers try and cast aspersions on you, the wilfully indolent, irresponsible fucks.
hanbot_abroad: do you have a "to read" list somewhere (other than "all of trilema" in your head, i mean, hehe)?
nicoleci: lol, no i don't! im working on sorrows of young werther rn but would appreciate any suggestions after
hanbot_abroad: The British English usuage << usuage/usage
nicoleci: ah ty
hanbot_abroad: kay, pick up canterbury tales at some point then, see how it goes.
nicoleci: alrighty, sounds like the making of another post
nicoleci: :)
hanbot_abroad: isin't listed on their website << isin't/isn't
hanbot_abroad: Although its the best source I can find, it is still weak sauce. << you know, this point might seem banal, but it isn't
hanbot_abroad: "oh, you can find anything online!!1" etc, but look what happens if you actually LOOK!
hanbot_abroad: in most domains, you're left with this, a nugget of information bastardized and paint-slapped this way and that, all professing to be genuine and original, of course, describing nearly nothing.
hanbot_abroad: even with some vague idea of this, most people are left with the ghosts of received experience, earnestly believing that "facebook is huge" and "you can look anything up on wikipedia" and so forth. once you start actually trying to get something done, however...the sad facts are inescapable.
hanbot_abroad: gives multiple definitions for word exposition / for the word
hanbot_abroad: a public exhibition or slow << show/slow
nicoleci: yeah, its incredibly eye opening and disappointing tbh. im keen to using lobbes suggestion and getting an actual book for etymology.
nicoleci: yikes my editing is worse than i even thought
nicoleci: ty
hanbot_abroad: As it relates to music it is The first << spurious capitalization
hanbot_abroad: Necessarily, if something is being explained then it is not easy to understand << this actually doesn't follow. there's a rather large philosophical scope here, which takes us well outside that of your article, so i won't press to resolve it -right now-, but as a background thought, tell me, have you never seen master explain something that was nevertheless easy to understand?
nicoleci: i definitely have. does it matter that i wouldn't have understood if he didn't explain it?
hanbot_abroad: Take the Cambridge dictionary definition for example: relating to literature << alright this passage is the true meat of your piece.
hanbot_abroad: so, hysterically enough, this point that you found particularly enraging touches upon the very, actual definition of the word in the context in which i originally used it
hanbot_abroad: which is to say: exposition is -indeed- "the passages which explain where events take place, what happened before the story begins, and the background of the characters"
hanbot_abroad: these aren't examples of what it could be; this is the substance of it!
hanbot_abroad: how do you like that?! :D
nicoleci: lo
nicoleci: lol*
hanbot_abroad: for a second i thought you were actually exclaiming "lo!" as in "lo there! what bullshit from yonder headache breaks!"
nicoleci: lol no not at all
hanbot_abroad: hehe
nicoleci: lol, i wish i had said that now
nicoleci: im so curious to see whats wrong with my definition now
BingoBoingo: You just made the sale for wondering aloud here
ossabot: Logged on 2020-01-25 20:20:28 hanbot_abroad: so, hysterically enough, this point that you found particularly enraging touches upon the very, actual definition of the word in the context in which i originally used it
hanbot_abroad: and the musical context follows, see. if you listen to a well-composed sonata, the initial parts you hear will be the establishment of voices that will later be explored in the piece.
hanbot_abroad: haha BingoBoingo cheers
nicoleci: and the musical context follows, see. if you listen to a well-composed sonata, the initial parts you hear will be the establishment of voices that will later be explored in the piece. << ah okay, reading it this way makes sense
hanbot_abroad: nicoleci to hear this, listen to one of my favorites: Jean Sibelius' Violin Concerto in D minor
nicoleci: alrighty
nicoleci: will fight the urge to wake you up with it
BingoBoingo: hanbot_abroad: I'm planning to start my outreach push by commenting on out of WoT blogs, linking in Qntra where I can, and seeing what sort of people are out blogging. Do you have any suggestions for where I should start the knocking?
hanbot_abroad: BingoBoingo, a couple of notions: for online stuff, you're particularly well-placed to talk to folks who are new and innocent of the entire blog/information ownership thing. keywords of interest that are nevertheless stuck on (i think that still exists, somehow, yes?)/etc bs platforms probably stand to benefit most from your guidance and qntra's platform. they're also less likely to be tainted by stupidiculture (see mircea
hanbot_abroad: _popescu's policy against new chicks over 25, for instance).
hanbot_abroad: offline (and i do suggest an offline push too), similarly look for newcomers; i dunno how montevideo fairs but lots of spots in latam seemed to have a fairly big "meetup" footprint for newbie bloggers and technical eclectic dilletantes. you've got a business card i gather, show up, drink some bad coffee, pass 'em out --if you keep it organized there's no need for it to take more than a few hours/week of your time.
BingoBoingo: Thank you. In this vein I'm inclined to start crawling with the generally anti-USG Dixie nationalist crowd that can't do the "Made for adsense" thing anymore.
hanbot_abroad: how do you plan to find them?
hanbot_abroad: (already know a node and play follow-the-werido-wot?)
BingoBoingo: hanbot_abroad: I plan to start with the sad hole Lafond wrote himself into which leads to here:
BingoBoingo: But yeah, plan to crawl that weirdo wot
BingoBoingo actually is nearing the point where I need to get another run of business cards made
hanbot_abroad: well, that's cool inasmuch as it proves you've been using 'em.
hanbot_abroad: what's the expected size of this identitydixie group?
BingoBoingo: They've only got 13 links in their sidebar. I suspect its small, and there may be some Jesus flavored dead ends.
hanbot_abroad: nicoleci it will indeed get easier to define things the more often you do it, and thus the larger compendium of sensible definitions you have. even for honed experts, though, it can be very tricky. mind that you don't beat yourself up about it, but be at least aware of the challenge presented by the world and your duty, fulfillable now or later, to meet it, that's all.
hanbot_abroad: BingoBoingo lol sounds kinda game-y.
BingoBoingo: If I don't find contributors may find someone with an aggregator interested in throwing Qntra in their feed. It's definitely not the end, in the same way shinohai talking again isn't the end of anything.
hanbot_abroad: anyway have at it but don't depend on it to yield thoroughly or broadly, as it's a rather small sample size
hanbot_abroad: yeah
BingoBoingo: I suspect reading enough to comment in a literate way will result in gathering still more leads.
hanbot_abroad: as a counter-example (and fulla puke, i know, as mass things will be), "bitcoin" yields a sample of...533k.
nicoleci: alright. ill keep that in mind.
nicoleci: im kind of slow now due to rereading our convo btw
hanbot_abroad: nothing wrong with talking to suspected humans in a reasonably human way, and it's the ideal way to generate meaningful leads, sure. and a hell of a lot more pleasant to actually do. but ye swamps...they exist! why not drain 'em.
hanbot_abroad: nicoleci no prob.
BingoBoingo: hanbot_abroad: Any preferred texts for learning awk?
hanbot_abroad: BingoBoingo nicoleci here, if she doesn't mind me saying, was found as a byproduct of that famous fetlife script even. i think she might appreciate the potential value of talking to the masses, unpleasant as it may seem, less likely to draw lasting relationships as it may seem.
hanbot_abroad: plenty o' bitches i talked to because they "seemed right", with carefully tailored convos etc, lead to ~epsilon
BingoBoingo: hanbot_abroad: Right, I'm handicapped on the swamp draining front, and I've let this handicap survive too long.
nicoleci: hanbot_abroad> plenty o' bitches i talked to because they "seemed right", with carefully tailored convos etc, lead to ~epsilon << truth.
nicoleci: i never would have discovered this on my own.
hanbot_abroad: BingoBoingo i dunno what would be better for awk than the manual + mp's fetlife adventures (grep for meatlist)
hanbot_abroad: nicoleci it's rather counter-intuitive innit
BingoBoingo: hanbot_abroad: Cool. I'll get the metaphorical hazmat suit out of storage to manually wade through the crowds in the interim.
BingoBoingo: Tomorrow after waking up I'll a simple "How to contribute to Qntra" article out of the way so there's what to point folks to because at present the "How to Qntra" documentation is rather scattered.
BingoBoingo has to kill the Post-Pizarro blahs with activity, and clearly cleaning up Pizarro wasn't enough activity on its own to stick.
hanbot_abroad: BingoBoingo lol, cool. yeah, a concise contribution guide sounds like an ideal landing spot. do feel free to use this channel for whatever overflowing petri dishes of public you end up with. we feel your ick, i assure you :D
BingoBoingo: hanbot_abroad: Thank you.
hanbot_abroad: nicoleci so working with "An explanation which is put forth to expose the audience to information that is required to make sense of the writing.", your "final" as it were, do you see how "the passages which explain where events take place, what happened before the story begins, and the background of the characters" is the same thing, but rather more specific?
nicoleci: yes, i do
nicoleci: is the specificity a benefit?
hanbot_abroad: yes. unless you're trying to hide something, specificity is a benefit.
nicoleci: ah i see okay
hanbot_abroad: you've certainly fulfilled what was asked of you for this writing task. it was also very pleasant to see you move around your former borders of structure and presentation.
hanbot_abroad: well done, third time's a charm, many happy returns, & etc!
hanbot_abroad: now then, i seem to recall this was a side branch on an entirely different!!1 article
nicoleci: ah tyvm! truthfully i learned a lot.
nicoleci: indeed, lol
hanbot_abroad: for which i even had notes, somewhere in this meanwhile well-grown pile of pages. i intend to get back to it, but for the moment i'm pretty bushed. shall we continue this tomorrow?
nicoleci: yeah i think so!
hanbot_abroad: alright. sleep the sleep of the righteous then. :)
nicoleci: lol, nn

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