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hanbot_abroad: BingoBoingo "while encyption ensures submissions stay published" << encyption/encryption, an' i'm not sure i grok the meaning here, prolly 'cause of the word "stay". if someone submitted a story to you but didn't encrypt it would you...publish it and then de-publish it?
hanbot_abroad: Hop on IRC and introduce youself / youself/yourself.
hanbot_abroad: i'd say this is much stronger and certainly navigable!
hanbot_abroad: nicoleci i think the guide's ready for a test spin, if you wanna fit that somewhere this week.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-01-26 16:04:39 hanbot_abroad: nicoleci btw once BingoBoingo has his qntra contribution guide up, d'you wanna test it out for him and see if you can submit a piece for his consideration?
BingoBoingo: hanbot_abroad: ty, I'll debug that sentence.
BingoBoingo: nicoleci: Let me know if you want help finding something to write up. A good general guideline is [Bad things (happening to) or (done by) folks we don't like].
nicoleci: BingoBoingo, ok great ty & will keep you updated on progress

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