Young Hands
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BingoBoingo: hanbot_abroad: Ishack is the Venezolano with the bicycle that has handled much of the local fiat/btc trading. He's finally made the jump into IRC world.
hanbot_abroad: oh, cool. welcome Ishack! i've done a lot of trading in latam --it's like pulling teeth getting people to try irc, well done to both of you haha.
BingoBoingo: hanbot_abroad: He's already got his key registered with deedbot
hanbot_abroad: i'm pretty curious about venezuela tbh. Ishack when's the last time you were there?
hanbot_abroad: oh splendid.
BingoBoingo: Ishack: hanbot wrote this
BingoBoingo: hanbot_abroad: Now that he's on irc, I have him flooded with reading. He's got a child so... that's got a lot of his time.
hanbot_abroad: i bet. the boatloads of reading 'round here are daunting *without* a child.
hanbot_abroad: but i know of few blessings greater than the problem laying in *when*, rather than *what*, to read.
BingoBoingo: AHA
BingoBoingo: hanbot_abroad: I've started the commenting on other blogs, a bit slower going that I'd like because... so many now a days... DON'T have comments. Or they still trust automattic's Askimet which is looking a lot like disqus.
BingoBoingo: Ishack: This is early adopter country around here. Here's a rather concise summary of Bitcoin history through the actions of hanbot(MPOE-PR on bitcointalk):
hanbot_abroad likes this introduction by way of killsheet thing.
hanbot_abroad: BingoBoingo do you end up absorbed in blog reading only to later discover you can't say what you'd wanted to on a given blog?
BingoBoingo: hanbot_abroad: It happens quite a bit. I'm starting to check the bottom of the posts first. Is there a comment box or not. If not, and it isn't in-WoT, not worth the time.
hanbot_abroad: yeah. i was gonna say, approaching mass means putting the usable/unusable distinction up top, and discarding the unusables immediately, 'cause otherwise you'll get stuck in a timesink. if you're actually going to go the automated route, i'm sure you can script a grep for the funcitonally-universal "post comment" formsender text so you can get a list of postables.
hanbot_abroad: does the Akismet thing actually prevent you from commenting? or just queues you?
BingoBoingo: Askitmet forces the comment through Mullenwag's shit before it enters the bloger's que. I've not yet seen comments fed into boxes advertising Askimet get published.
BingoBoingo: Askimet's spread isn't universal yet. Got a mini-conversation building some rapport in
BingoBoingo: I'm going to end up widening the net sooner than I thought for a lack of places to comment.
hanbot_abroad: BingoBoingo do your comments get stuck because of links then? or i dunno, most obvious answer is blog authors are too lazy to sort in queues/check that they have comments at all.
hanbot_abroad: that lack is pretty much the impetuus for the push to mass-hit/automate, yeah. the internet is composed of a handful of things and thirty trillion tons of miscible garbage.
BingoBoingo: hanbot_abroad: I suspect the latter, but there is the chance that Askimet kills them before the bloggers see them. I'll keep feeding askimet boxes to increase the sample size, but I'll not invest too much into individual comments on boxes advertising askimet until something gets through.
hanbot_abroad: sounds good.
BingoBoingo: I'll start carving out a little bit of time to work on eroding my automation skills defict.
hanbot_abroad: mp's fetlife script in particular was explained step by step:
hanbot_abroad: good backup/accessories collection via browsersearch for "for i in"
BingoBoingo: Thank you, I've got the one page bookmarked for digestion.
hanbot_abroad: an' remember (i say remember, not discover, 'cause you've well proven you know), [][the stuff you feel like working on least is often the stuff you need to work on most].
BingoBoingo: hanbot_abroad: Yeah. I'm enouraged by the sudden increase in bylines I can publish, but I'm not taking it for granted or counting in on my score sheet as a *full* start on my part.
BingoBoingo: Compared to the Piz mess, it's some comfort that growth is the one major front to fight here. It's not growth and trying to build a physical plant with all sorts of other simultaneously joined problems wrapped together on the southern edge of human settlement (pretty sure the civilization label doesn't fit).

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