Young Hands
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hanbot_abroad: << lol i'm sure they invented journalism along with the fogazza con queso.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-02-05 16:42:41 BingoBoingo: "PERIODISMO SIN EUFEMISMOS + Este portal está editado en Argentina, con la colaboración de 79 periodistas jubilados, con 50 años de oficio" << Most Argentine Shannonizer string encountered so far
hanbot_abroad: anyway i suspect you're treating these folks overmuch as though they were humans. they're not, let any lost in there declare themselves after the lot's been sent a ping, eh?
hanbot_abroad: nicoleci re your self-set deadlines --are you scheduling tasks in just before they're "due" and then find the take longer than they've been allotted on paper? are you scheduling them sooner but they genuinely take up moar than your allotted time + buffer?
hanbot_abroad: (and i'm happy to see you sayin' something about it, as a side note, 'stead of taking hits where you shouldn't/demuring to communicate.)
nicoleci: its the former & tbh i didn't apply this rule when I should have>>
ossabot: Logged on 2020-01-12 17:58:42 ossabot: (ossasepia) 2019-12-04 diana_coman: the learning/new part simply means that you double/triple/whatever your estimate because you clearly can't possibly estimate it correctly when you are not even sure wtf that thing is; then there is the above and the expecting-the-unexpected that comes on top and yes, it's more of a perspective shift indeed.
hanbot_abroad: yee. if you try scheduling stuff well *before* the deadline you've set yourself, especially in terms of days, you'll prolly find you can much more easily meet them. such that "due tuesday" should come out something more like "spend x timechunk sunday and monday, at which point i expect to have it done, with tuesday *as a buffer in case it takes more time than that*"
hanbot_abroad: some people genuinely do better with an on the wire approach, but if you're used to that *and* it's not working so well, mebbe time to see if a different method works better for you
hanbot_abroad: and obviously, the better and more polished you are at something, the more likely the on the wire approach is to work.
BingoBoingo: hanbot: I think you've identified something slowing this down. I'll stumble into a couple that'll have something stringmatching human noises and then I'll bit a bunch of muck, but I'm not context switching to treat the muck as such very fast yet.
nicoleci: hanbot_abroad, yeah i think so re trying something new. i had one approach which i formed from work/school and never reexamined it

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