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hanbot_abroad: BingoBoingo cool. are you also keeping track of the number of blogs you scan for commentability?
hanbot_abroad: << no prob., will be glad to have your advanced accenting (ascii or no) some other time.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-02-10 17:19:09 dorion: - che'vere. este jueves jfw y yo tenemos una conferenci'a durante el di'a, pero leere' y respondere' despue's. (apologies in advance for the "ascii accenting", yrc doesn't support unicode.)
BingoBoingo: hanbot_abroad: I've not, but I can try. May end up looking for a mechanical clicker if it introduces much friction.
hanbot_abroad: how's the automation effort going btw?
BingoBoingo: I've not got a good idea of what parts to consider automating yet, but I'm looking for opportunities to give automation a try.
hanbot_abroad: lol, consider automating the parts that you're doing by hand.
BingoBoingo: Ah, the counting!
hanbot_abroad: the counting, the searching and checking, and ideally the commenting outside of what i'd've thought would be a small and initial quality-commenting phase.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-01-30 14:06:30 hanbot_abroad: yeah. i was gonna say, approaching mass means putting the usable/unusable distinction up top, and discarding the unusables immediately, 'cause otherwise you'll get stuck in a timesink. if you're actually going to go the automated route, i'm sure you can script a grep for the funcitonally-universal "post comment" formsender text so you can get a list of postables.
hanbot_abroad: i guess automating the counting as a first step could be useful inasmuch as it may show you that it's not Ye Gate of Horroar etc
BingoBoingo: Alright.
hanbot_abroad: anyway i'd recommend abandoning this stance of "looking for opportunities to give automation a try" entirely and completely. you've been gettin' pushed to talk to the masses since early piz days and for whatever reason you're extremely allergic to using and/or putting together some tools to get it done; the opportunities abound, the call is to identify what you're trying to do and in ~ALL CASES, prove that you *can't
hanbot_abroad: * automate it.
hanbot_abroad: i mean, if you despise it you despise it, but at least sit in front of scenario a where you've sunk x hours into finding <50 blogs of which maybe 20 allow comments which you've made and thereby attracted 0 or 1 qntra editors, and scenario b where you've sunk some fraction of the same hours into finding >500k blogs of which i dunno, 50k commentable, of which 50k commented, of which who knows how many qntra folks 'caus
hanbot_abroad: e this hasn't been in any way tried.
hanbot_abroad: and THEN decide you despise it.
BingoBoingo: Aite, during mucking time today. I'll look at how I want to try automating the crawl. Monday was the highest return day in terms of finding human-esque blogs, so I'll repeat that today but making a point to count the number of total blogs I'm churning for a baseline. Monday's big change other than tracking commenting minutes was that I stayed out of search engines and just opened all the side bar links.
BingoBoingo: I suppose a script to automate this would take a url as input, gather all the sidebar links, crawl those hitting the top published article, checking for a comment box, and then craling the sidebar and starting again.
BingoBoingo: And returning a list of urls with commentable posts.
BingoBoingo: Practice is probably going to reshape what actual execution looks like, but this is a starting point coalescing in the head right now
hanbot_abroad: cool, and glad to hear monday was a positive spike btw. for that recursive sidebar approach, prolly keep an eye today on what distinguishes desirable links from non-desirable ones (stupid default wordpress links/otherwise uninteresting sites) so you can specify in your script later on, save you some paring work.
BingoBoingo: hanbot_abroad: Right. I'm suspecting that after I've got a crawler, a checker would be a simpler second script.
hanbot_abroad: and sure, reshaping's inevitable, dun worry about it. hence von moltke's "no plan survives contact with the enemy"
ossabot: (trilema) 2020-02-10 mircea_popescu: the reason we want better tools is for to manage the interlocking system of options, as per von moltke's doctrine (yes, fellow's not coincidentally mentioned ; but indeed has been for a long time among the greatest influences of manly sanity available), not to actually ~do~ anything forthwith.
BingoBoingo: Right. Contact with the enemy so far has me inclined to do something that actually shits posts into comment boxes last. Once the other parts are going, there should be a bigger sample to inform what tends to make it on to the pages.
BingoBoingo will set aside a bit of time today to work on what a crawler needs and what tools are already on my machines do what the crawler needs
hanbot_abroad: sure, i think a three-part crawler-checker-poster would be a fine goal structure.
hanbot_abroad will be shocked if BingoBoingo's machine dun have something needed for crawlin', but then the electronic wilds are wilds after all
hanbot_abroad: and cool deal!
BingoBoingo: So far in the hand crawling, the actual shit comments into boxes scripts is looking like the most challenging part.
BingoBoingo almost certaintly going to have questions as these things take shape
hanbot_abroad: naturally. cross bridges when you get to 'em eh. i can't really tell you how happy i'd be to have this channel serve as a sort of immortal vessel for the learning process.
nicoleci: hey BingoBoingo I published my review - please let me know your thoughts
BingoBoingo: ty, will read
nicoleci: any feedback is welcome
BingoBoingo: One the first pass, its read very straightforward and offers soem suggestions. I'll give it a few more reading passes and maybe something bigger will come up. Thank you for writing it.
nicoleci: yeah of course. imo the guide for qntra is a great tool for both people in an out of the republic to follow
nicoleci: and*
BingoBoingo decided to try to sweep some old, known blogs that used to Bitcoin, but failed to follow the Republic. Organofcorti, last post 2016 and so on.
BingoBoingo brb

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