Young Hands
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mp_en_viaje: happy thanksgiving everyone!!!
mp_en_viaje: was re btw, nfi why i thought it's self-obvious yest.
ossabot: Logged on 2019-12-23 04:39:28 mp_en_viaje: whaack, hey, that's not even bad.
mp_en_viaje: to a certain degree it's rather confusing that your toolbar only shows on index page, i keep thinking i'm on the latest article all the time.
mp_en_viaje: dorion_road, aw fuck, the other two aren't even in english huh. this fucking blows, and it's where the sadness starts, i don't know how to fix this.
feedbot: << Trilema -- There's no better way to ensure the enmity of the mediocre than by exposing their mediocrity for what it is.
bvt: mp_en_viaje: ?
mp_en_viaje: fuck yeah!
mp_en_viaje: tyvm :D
feedbot: << Ossa Sepia -- Some Gothic Fashions of Another Era
diana_coman: jfw: Keksum's 3rd genesis is now signed and mirrored; as you've gathered already the previous comments on your article directly, I linked that and there's no need that I see for an additional article; also, you messed up something with your Keksum's article title now.
whaack: mircea_popescu: <<-- ty, I had figured the message was meant for lobbes prior. I'll take a look into getting the toolbar showing on the individual article pages. They are hidden by default on mpwp's Kubrick theme.
ossabot: Logged on 2019-12-24 01:51:45 mp_en_viaje: was re btw, nfi why i thought it's self-obvious yest.
BingoBoingo: In gifts the locals give me this Navidad, the names inside the FA are tearing at each other. Mujica "Rights agenda was a mistake" Other derps "Muh feminismo, un violador eres tĂș", Mujica "I spent 12 years getting thrown into dark holes"
feedbot: << Qntra -- Trump Signs Bill Vastly Increasing US Military Personnel Costs As Capability Keeps Declining
feedbot: << trinque -- Ruin

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